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 Clearing Control


This section contains an overview of the clearing control functions. The documents describe the tasks and implementation areas for clearing control. The elements of clearing control and the special features of the individual implementation areas are also described. The most important functions of clearing control are presented, with examples.

This introduction is an extension of the documentation about clearing control in the Implementation Guide (IMG). Use this document if you are setting up clearing control when implementing mySAP Insurance Collections & Disbursements (FS-CD). In order to understand clearing control, you have to be familiar with the basic concepts and terms in FS-CD. The values referred to here are used as examples, which you can replace with your own company-specific specifications, when checking the business model for clearing control. The following examples assume that one document is created for each item.

You can check your settings, without creating clearing documents or other postings.

  • Account maintenance: Set the Create Proposal indicator in the Maintain Account transaction (FP06)

  • Payment receipt: Choose Post Item Online in the Cash Payment transaction (FPB0)

In the named transactions, clearing proposals are created according to the settings in clearing control.