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Function documentationCourse Program


Multiple courses are bundled together to form a course program and are offered to the learner. The learner can book multiple courses without having to traverse to individual course pages. Based on the requirement, the learner can make a choice of courses, skip some courses, or even select alternative courses rather than the standard course offering.


The following features are available on the Course Program screen:

  • The courses are bundled into individual units known as blocks. The following are the 2 types of blocks available for course program:


    • The learner can book a sequenced block only when all courses in the preceding sequenced block are booked.

    • The learner must book the sequential courses in the order in which they are displayed. The sequence number is indicated before the course name. For time- dependent course, the proper chronological order is also indicated.


    • The learner can book a nonsequenced block independent of courses in any other block.

    • The learner can book the nonsequential courses in any order.

    Note that the block can contain both Sequential as well as Nonsequential courses.

  • A Mandatory block indicates that the learner has to complete successfully the courses present in the block.

  • The learner can book an alternative course if the standard course offered does fulfill the learner’s requirement. If an alternative course is a sequential course, it is then subjected to appropriate sequential checks.

    Note that a curriculum cannot be set as an alternative course.

  • When the learner books a course for the first time through the course program, the learner automatically subscribes to the course program.

  • A workflow setup is not possible for the Course Program. However, the individual courses that are part of the Course Program can have workflows. In such cases, these workflows are implemented on booking or canceling a course.

  • On the right-hand side of the screen, the information displayed is as follows:

    • Description

      Displays brief information about the course program.

    • Prerequisites

      Displays the qualifications that the learner should possess; also displays the courses that the learner should book before booking courses that are part of the course program.

    • Attainable Qualifications

      Displays the qualifications that the learner can attain on successful completion of the Course Program; and also displays the proficiency attained by the learner.

    • Select Blocks

      To view the contents of the block, the learner can select the block by choosing the image or the link. The learner selects the courses and then books the courses by choosing the Book Selected Courses button.

  • On the left-hand side of the page, the information displayed is as follows:

    • Training Provider

      Displays a list of training organizers

    • Booking Summary

      Displays a summary of all courses present in the Course Program in a block-wise manner. The system displays the selected block as the default block to the learner. The learner can view or hide the booking summary of any other block by choosing the “+” or “-” icons respectively. The booking summary reflects the status of each course in a block as well as other details such as course name and complete date for time-dependent courses.

    • Additional Links

    • Add or Remove from Favorites

For more detailed information, see Course.


The learner can perform the following activities:

  • Select a block

  • Book a sequential or a nonsequential course

  • Cancel a sequential or a nonsequential course

  • Navigate to the Course page

  • Navigate to the Qualifications page