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Procedure documentationAdd Previous/ Next Button to Form GUIBB


You can add Previous and Next buttons to your application configuration where you want to toggle up and down the values in a particular field in your form, and produce a form if the user selects a value directly in the field.


  1. Find the three reuse events GC_EVENT_NEXT_VALUE, GC_EVENT_NEXT and GC_EVENT_VALUESELECT (HRGRT_NEXT_VALUE, HRGRT_PREV_VALUE and HRGRT_VALUESELECT in the configuration) in the attributes of your form super class.

  2. Since these are optional events, your feeder class must call the three relevant super methods to expose the events to the configuration for you. Add the following code (or similar) to your method GET_DEFINITION:

    Syntax Syntax

    1. expose_action_prev_next_value_( changing ct_action_definition = et_action_definition  ).
    2. expose_action_valueselect( changing ct_action_definition = et_action_definition  ).
    End of the code.
  3. Then you create Previous and Next buttons in your application configuration and assign the events to them.

  4. Assign the HRGRT_VALUESELECT directly to the field where the values are held.

  5. In your code at GET_DATA you must react to these three events by producing the form. For precise detail of how to code out GET_DATA, see Refining Method GET_DATA.