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Function documentationIntroducing a New Infotype


If an infotype is not part of the Personal Profile application, you have to create new User Interface Building Block (UIBB) configurations for the overview screen and the detail screen. These have to be included in the HRESS_CC_PER_OVP component configuration. This component configuration exists within the standard application configuration HRESS_AC_PERSINFO.

Introducing a new infotype comprises the following activities:

  • Adopt the Business Object Layer (BOL) model HRPAD

  • Add the new infotype to the overview pattern (OVP)

Adopting the BOL Model

Execute the following steps:

  1. If the BOL model HRPAD does not include a specific infotype, enhance it by using the HRPAD_R_EDIT_MODEL program. You execute this step in Customizing for Employee Self-Services under Start of the navigation path Service-Specific Settings Next navigation step Personal Information Next navigation step Personal Profile Next navigation step Adjust Infotypes in HRPAD Model End of the navigation path.

  2. You may have to lock the changes done via the report and release them to the other systems in your landscape.

For more information on the BOL model see Business Object Layer (BOL).

Add a new Infotype to the OVP

Execute the following steps:

  1. Create appropriate Floorplan Manager (FPM) Generic User Interface Building Block (GUIBB) configurations. Use the following standard feeder classes and components:

    • For the overview screen, use the CL_HRESS_PER_OVERVIEW feeder class

    • For the detail screen, use the CL_HRESS_PER_DETAIL feeder class

    • For the validity section, use the HRESS_C_VALIDITY component

    The standard classes and components are available in the PAOC_ESS_PER_WDA package.

  2. Change the FPM Overview Pattern (OVP) configuration to include the biz card in the main page and include the detail screen in a new edit page.

  3. Add the validity UIBB in the edit page.

  4. Specify the target page in the overview UIBB as the newly created page for the detail screen.

  5. Add a wire with the overview screen UIBB as the destination using the CL_HRESS_CONNECTOR_PER_OVR connector class.

  6. Add a wire with the detail screen UIBB as the destination, and the overview screen UIBB as the source using one of the following connector classes:



  7. Add a wire with the validity section UIBB as the destination and the detail screen UIBB as the source using the CL_FPM_CONNECTOR_BOL_IDENTITY connector class. Refer one of the infotype UIBBs in the OVP configuration HRESS_CC_PER_OVP as an example to do steps 2 through 7.

  8. Change the AppCC configuration in case you want newly introduced infotypes to appear for specific countries only. For more information, see Application Configuration Controller (AppCC).

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