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Function documentationIntegration with SAP Business Partner


Talent Management uses the Central Person (CP) object type. It therefore needs to integrate with SAP Business Partner. This means that a Business Partner (object type BP) object must exist for each central person.


You have used the Central Business Partner (BUCF) transaction to set up the number ranges for business partners.


  • Talent Management uses the generic integration of Organizational Management with SAP Business Partner.

    In Customizing for Personnel Management, under Start of the navigation path Organizational Management Next navigation step Integration Next navigation step Integration with SAP Business Partner End of the navigation path, make the following settings:

    • For the system to generate a central person for each employee, set the HRALX HRAC switch to the value X.

      If you activate the HRALX HRAC switch after central persons have been created in your system, you must regenerate the business partners for the existing central persons. Use the Synchronize Employees by Business Partners report (HR_SYNC_PERSON). For more information, see Business Partner Integration in a Logical System.

    • For changes to employee data to be automatically transferred to SAP Business Partner, set the HRALX BPHR switch to the value ON. For more information, see Business Partner Integration in a Logical System.

  • Talent Management uses the Employee (BUP003) business partner role.

    For more information, see Business Partner Role (BP Role).

  • Business partner objects are not distributed via Application Link Enabling (ALE).

    If you implement Talent Management in a separate system and distribute data to other systems, you must create the business partner with the program Object Synchronization and Repair (HRALXSYNC) in the system in which you implement Talent Management. For more information, see Business Partner Integration in Separate Logical Systems.

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