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Function documentationApplication-to-Application Navigation Concept in Employee Self-Service (WDA)


There are three basic types of application-to-application navigation in Employee Self-Service (WDA):

  1. Direct call of a Web Dynpro ABAP application in a new Window

  2. Launchpad-defined call of a Web Dynpro ABAP application

  3. Launchpad-defined call based on Object Based Navigation (OBN)

Note Note

Launchpad-defined means that you define this navigation via transaction LPD_CUST for the services contained in the Launchpad for your Portal role.

Which of these navigation types is used is internally handled within each application. For more information, see the individual service documentation for Employee Self-Service (WDA).

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In the case of OBN-based call (type 3), the Business Objects used in the call have to be present in the different Business Object repositories, the Business Object Repository (BOR) in the backend system and the business objects and methods in the SAP NetWeaver Portal Catalog in case of NWBC and SAP Portal.