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SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

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This application enables employees to record working times and assign these to a project, order, or other SAP application object. As an administrator, you can connect an optional approval procedure. For more information about where this application is available, see Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA) 1.50.

Note Note

This application has been developed for the software component EA-HR. Subsequent enhancements and corrections to the software are available in HR Support Packages.

End of the note.


You must perform the following tasks using SAP Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS):

  • Set up the timesheet. You can use the Employee Self-Service (ESS) model data entry profile for this application, which meets the requirements for ESS.

  • Create personnel numbers in the SAP system for all employees who must record data. You must assign an employee's personnel number and system user name in the Communication (0105) infotype. For more information, see Assigning an SAP User ID to a Personnel Number.

  • Use the CATS: Variant for time recording (CVR) parameter to assign a data-entry profile to each employee, which they use to enter their working times. This profile determines the data entry process and the layout of the timesheet. If this user parameter has not been stored, the system uses the ESS data entry profile.

  • Assign the required authorizations to all users.

  • Make the necessary Customizing settings for CATS under Start of the navigation path Personnel Management Next navigation step Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP) Next navigation step Service-Specific Settings Next navigation step Working Time Next navigation step Record Working Time Next navigation step Record Working Time End of the navigation path.


The default application configuration is Application Configuration Cats:EHP6 (HRESS_AC_CATS_1). This allows you to provide default values for the application parameters, and to specify the layout and appearance of the application. The following application parameters are provided:


    Hides the clock times in the weekly view


    Enables the selection of multiple data entry profiles from the list


The following features are available:

For Employees

  • HR-Enabled CATS integrates the HR and CATS systems. The following enhancements are available:

    • View leave request data from the Leave Request application in the Time Accounts tab

    • View your weekly or bi-weekly work schedule using the Work Schedule button. If you have an approved leave request on a specific day, it shows in your timesheet as a non-editable line. You can import the times from your work schedule to your timesheet.

  • View recorded data as follows:

    • For a particular day using the Daily View option. In addition to the fields available in the weekly view, this view enables you to record your activities with clock times (depending on your profile settings) and add a short text.

    • For a particular week using the Weekly View option. This option is ideal if you record few activities or working-time attributes on a particular day.

    • For a two-week period using the Bi-weekly View option. You can record your activities with clock times but you cannot use the template feature. You can also provide additional information about any data record by opening its detail screen. For example, you can enter confirmation information for a network, or enter further information about a data record in the form of a long text.

    • For details of when you have recorded too many or too few working hours over a period of several months, using the calendar integrated in the launch screen.

    • For details of the days for which unreleased or rejected data records exist. If there are multiple status information texts for one day, the most important one displays.

    • For details of how many days you have recorded in the last three months with time recordings greater or less than 100%. These details are calculated when the system loads and they display in the Summary screen area. You must save your changes to the timesheet to make them visible.

  • Enter data as follows:

    • Use a worklist, if the profile settings permit, to copy information about planned activities. For more information, see Worklist.

    • Change the data entry period either by entering a date in the desired week and choosing Go, by choosing a particular day in the calendar to display the appropriate week and data entry section, or by choosing the arrow keys to display the previous and next period.

    • Save the working-time attributes recorded for a particular week or day as a personal favorite, and use your favorites for quick data entry. For more information, see Creation of Personal Templates and Creation of Personal Favorites.

  • Release data as follows:

    • Directly release timesheet data using the Release Directly button. The modified data in the timesheet is automatically saved, and the data in the current period is automatically released.

    • Release timesheet data to change the color status in the calendar. You can also display the payroll period end date and the last date for time recording.

  • Access individual applications using the Working Time homepage. For more information, see Services for CATS regular (Web Dynpro ABAP).

  • Search for a list of possible values for most working time attributes. The system automatically determines important working time attributes, such as the sender cost center, the controlling area, or the activity type from the employee’s HR master record.

  • Print the timesheet data by selecting the Print icon in the timesheet. In the selection options, you can select the timesheet layout and period.

Note Note

If you create multiple time records in a day and they have the same attributes, the system groups them together as one time record. The rows in the data entry section are merged, and the working time attributes that do not display in the application may vary.

End of the note.

For System Administrators

  • HR-Enabled CATS integrates the HR and CATS systems. The following enhancements are available:

    • Approved leave requests display in an employee's timesheet if you select the Subtract HR hours checkbox during Customizing.

    • Holidays are marked in an employee's calendar as Holiday. You can define the number of hours for a half day public holiday using BAdI: CATS Partial Day Public Holiday Display (HRESS_CATS_PUB_HOLIDAY_ENH).

    • Change the display, text, and the color of the items in the calendar legend using BAdI: Calendar Legend for Recording Working Times (HRESS_CATS_CAL_LEGEND_ENH). You cannot add legend items to the list.

  • Define the appearance of the timesheet as follows:

    • Hide columns or change the order in which some columns appear. You cannot change the order in which the Day and Details columns appear. If you change the order of these columns, for example, move Wednesday before Tuesday, the system reverses your change.

    • Display data in the Weekly View as either a vertical list view or a horizontal list view. You can make your settings during Customizing using transaction CAC1.

    • Display data in the Bi-weekly View as a vertical list view so employees can view all their clock times without having to scroll horizontally. You can make your settings during Customizing using transaction CAC1.

  • Ensure employee data is approved by using the approval workflow.

  • Restrict an employee’s navigation in the timesheet by configuring their profile accordingly.

  • The option to customize the application as follows:

    • Provide the layout form names and the PDF data to the print form using BAdI: PDF Print Form for CATS (HRESS_CATS_PRINT_FROM).

    • Redefine the confirmation text an employee sees after releasing their data, using BAdI: Direct Release Confirmation Text Change (HRESS_CATS_DIRECT_RELEASE_ENH).

    • Display the summary information in the Calendar screen area using BAdI: Calendar Display for Recording Working Times (HRESS_CATS_CAL_DISPL). The default implementation of the BAdI returns a line of text and the time recording cutoff date according to customizing settings in the data entry profile. If CATS is integrated with HR, the payroll period end date is read-only.

    • Enable employees to select from multiple data entry profiles on the Record Working Time screen, by setting the MULTIPLE_PROFILE parameter to X. You can control the list of profiles that appears to the employee using BAdI: Data Entry Profile Filter (HRESS_CATS_PROFILE_FILTER_ENH).