Start Level 1 Node: Organizational Plan ModeOrganizational Plan ModeEnd Level 1 Node: Organizational Plan Mode
   Start Level 1 Node: Organizational PlanOrganizational PlanEnd Level 1 Node: Organizational Plan
      Start Level 2 Node: Organizational UnitOrganizational UnitEnd Level 2 Node: Organizational Unit
         Start Level 3 Node: Organizational StructureOrganizational StructureEnd Level 3 Node: Organizational Structure
         Start Level 3 Node: Staff AssignmentsStaff AssignmentsEnd Level 3 Node: Staff Assignments
      Start Level 2 Node: PositionPositionEnd Level 2 Node: Position
      Start Level 2 Node: JobJobEnd Level 2 Node: Job
      Start Level 2 Node: PersonPersonEnd Level 2 Node: Person
      Start Level 2 Node: UsersUsersEnd Level 2 Node: Users
      Start Level 2 Node: TasksTasksEnd Level 2 Node: Tasks
         Start Level 3 Node: TasksTasksEnd Level 3 Node: Tasks
         Start Level 3 Node: Standard TasksStandard TasksEnd Level 3 Node: Standard Tasks
         Start Level 3 Node: Workflow TemplatesWorkflow TemplatesEnd Level 3 Node: Workflow Templates
         Start Level 3 Node: Task GroupsTask GroupsEnd Level 3 Node: Task Groups
      Start Level 2 Node: Plan VersionsPlan VersionsEnd Level 2 Node: Plan Versions
   Start Level 1 Node: Working with Screen AreasWorking with Screen AreasEnd Level 1 Node: Working with Screen Areas
      Start Level 2 Node: ValidityValidityEnd Level 2 Node: Validity
         Start Level 3 Node: Validity of Objects and AssignmentsValidity of Objects and AssignmentsEnd Level 3 Node: Validity of Objects and Assignments
            Start Level 4 Node: Selecting a Date and Preview PeriodSelecting a Date and Preview PeriodEnd Level 4 Node: Selecting a Date and Preview Period
            Start Level 4 Node: Activating/Deactivating Query Time PeriodActivating/Deactivating Query Time PeriodEnd Level 4 Node: Activating/Deactivating Query Time Period
         Start Level 3 Node: Validity of Object CharacteristicsValidity of Object CharacteristicsEnd Level 3 Node: Validity of Object Characteristics
      Start Level 2 Node: Object ManagerObject ManagerEnd Level 2 Node: Object Manager
      Start Level 2 Node: Finding/Selecting ObjectsFinding/Selecting ObjectsEnd Level 2 Node: Finding/Selecting Objects
         Start Level 3 Node: Using Search ToolsUsing Search ToolsEnd Level 3 Node: Using Search Tools
         Start Level 3 Node: Using Search VariantsUsing Search VariantsEnd Level 3 Node: Using Search Variants
      Start Level 2 Node: Displaying/Changing ObjectsDisplaying/Changing ObjectsEnd Level 2 Node: Displaying/Changing Objects
      Start Level 2 Node: Creating ObjectsCreating ObjectsEnd Level 2 Node: Creating Objects
         Start Level 3 Node: Copying ObjectsCopying ObjectsEnd Level 3 Node: Copying Objects
      Start Level 2 Node: Assigning/Moving/Repositioning ObjectsAssigning/Moving/Repositioning ObjectsEnd Level 2 Node: Assigning/Moving/Repositioning Objects
      Start Level 2 Node: Terminating/Deleting Objects or AssignmentsTerminating/Deleting Objects or AssignmentsEnd Level 2 Node: Terminating/Deleting Objects or Assignments
      Start Level 2 Node: Undoing/Recreating ChangesUndoing/Recreating ChangesEnd Level 2 Node: Undoing/Recreating Changes
      Start Level 2 Node: Confirmation PromptConfirmation PromptEnd Level 2 Node: Confirmation Prompt
      Start Level 2 Node: Configuring ColumnsConfiguring ColumnsEnd Level 2 Node: Configuring Columns
      Start Level 2 Node: Switching Maintenance InterfacesSwitching Maintenance InterfacesEnd Level 2 Node: Switching Maintenance Interfaces
   Start Level 1 Node: Editing the Organizational StructureEditing the Organizational StructureEnd Level 1 Node: Editing the Organizational Structure
      Start Level 2 Node: Creating Organizational UnitsCreating Organizational UnitsEnd Level 2 Node: Creating Organizational Units
      Start Level 2 Node: Assigning/Moving/Repositioning Organizational UnitsAssigning/Moving/Repositioning Organizational UnitsEnd Level 2 Node: Assigning/Moving/Repositioning Organizational Units
      Start Level 2 Node: Editing Organizational UnitsEditing Organizational UnitsEnd Level 2 Node: Editing Organizational Units
         Start Level 3 Node: Basic Data (Organizational Unit)Basic Data (Organizational Unit)End Level 3 Node: Basic Data (Organizational Unit)
         Start Level 3 Node: Account Assignment (Organizational Unit)Account Assignment (Organizational Unit)End Level 3 Node: Account Assignment (Organizational Unit)
         Start Level 3 Node: Address (Organizational Unit)Address (Organizational Unit)End Level 3 Node: Address (Organizational Unit)
         Start Level 3 Node: Cost Distribution (Organizational Unit)Cost Distribution (Organizational Unit)End Level 3 Node: Cost Distribution (Organizational Unit)
         Start Level 3 Node: Working Time (Organizational Unit)Working Time (Organizational Unit)End Level 3 Node: Working Time (Organizational Unit)
         Start Level 3 Node: Quota Planning (Organizational Unit)Quota Planning (Organizational Unit)End Level 3 Node: Quota Planning (Organizational Unit)
      Start Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Organizational Units or AssignmentsDelimiting/Deleting Organizational Units or AssignmentsEnd Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Organizational Units or Assignments
   Start Level 1 Node: Editing JobsEditing JobsEnd Level 1 Node: Editing Jobs
      Start Level 2 Node: Creating JobsCreating JobsEnd Level 2 Node: Creating Jobs
      Start Level 2 Node: Assigning JobsAssigning JobsEnd Level 2 Node: Assigning Jobs
      Start Level 2 Node: Editing JobsEditing JobsEnd Level 2 Node: Editing Jobs
         Start Level 3 Node: Basic Data (Job)Basic Data (Job)End Level 3 Node: Basic Data (Job)
      Start Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Job AssignmentsDelimiting/Deleting Job AssignmentsEnd Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Job Assignments
   Start Level 1 Node: Editing Staff AssignmentsEditing Staff AssignmentsEnd Level 1 Node: Editing Staff Assignments
      Start Level 2 Node: Creating PositionsCreating PositionsEnd Level 2 Node: Creating Positions
      Start Level 2 Node: Assigning PositionsAssigning PositionsEnd Level 2 Node: Assigning Positions
      Start Level 2 Node: Editing PositionsEditing PositionsEnd Level 2 Node: Editing Positions
         Start Level 3 Node: Basic Data (Position)Basic Data (Position)End Level 3 Node: Basic Data (Position)
         Start Level 3 Node: Account Assignment (Position)Account Assignment (Position)End Level 3 Node: Account Assignment (Position)
         Start Level 3 Node: Address (Position)Address (Position)End Level 3 Node: Address (Position)
         Start Level 3 Node: Cost Distribution (Position)Cost Distribution (Position)End Level 3 Node: Cost Distribution (Position)
         Start Level 3 Node: Working Time (Position)Working Time (Position)End Level 3 Node: Working Time (Position)
         Start Level 3 Node: Hierarchy (Position)Hierarchy (Position)End Level 3 Node: Hierarchy (Position)
      Start Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Positions or AssignmentsDelimiting/Deleting Positions or AssignmentsEnd Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Positions or Assignments
      Start Level 2 Node: Assigning Persons/UsersAssigning Persons/UsersEnd Level 2 Node: Assigning Persons/Users
      Start Level 2 Node: Transferring a PersonTransferring a PersonEnd Level 2 Node: Transferring a Person
      Start Level 2 Node: Transferring a Person - WorkflowTransferring a Person - WorkflowEnd Level 2 Node: Transferring a Person - Workflow
      Start Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Person/User AssignmentsDelimiting/Deleting Person/User AssignmentsEnd Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Person/User Assignments
      Start Level 2 Node: Displaying/Editing Personal DataDisplaying/Editing Personal DataEnd Level 2 Node: Displaying/Editing Personal Data
         Start Level 3 Node: Basic Data (Person)Basic Data (Person)End Level 3 Node: Basic Data (Person)
         Start Level 3 Node: Qualifications (Person)Qualifications (Person)End Level 3 Node: Qualifications (Person)
      Start Level 2 Node: Displaying/Editing User DataDisplaying/Editing User DataEnd Level 2 Node: Displaying/Editing User Data
         Start Level 3 Node: Basic Data (User)Basic Data (User)End Level 3 Node: Basic Data (User)
   Start Level 1 Node: Editing TasksEditing TasksEnd Level 1 Node: Editing Tasks
      Start Level 2 Node: Creating TasksCreating TasksEnd Level 2 Node: Creating Tasks
      Start Level 2 Node: Assigning TasksAssigning TasksEnd Level 2 Node: Assigning Tasks
      Start Level 2 Node: Editing TasksEditing TasksEnd Level 2 Node: Editing Tasks
         Start Level 3 Node: NameNameEnd Level 3 Node: Name
         Start Level 3 Node: DescriptionDescriptionEnd Level 3 Node: Description
         Start Level 3 Node: Basic DataBasic DataEnd Level 3 Node: Basic Data
      Start Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Task AssignmentsDelimiting/Deleting Task AssignmentsEnd Level 2 Node: Delimiting/Deleting Task Assignments
   Start Level 1 Node: General StructuresGeneral StructuresEnd Level 1 Node: General Structures
   Start Level 1 Node: Matrix OrganizationMatrix OrganizationEnd Level 1 Node: Matrix Organization
      Start Level 2 Node: Maintaining Matrix OrganizationsMaintaining Matrix OrganizationsEnd Level 2 Node: Maintaining Matrix Organizations
      Start Level 2 Node: Accessing Matrix MaintenanceAccessing Matrix MaintenanceEnd Level 2 Node: Accessing Matrix Maintenance
      Start Level 2 Node: Matrix ProcessingMatrix ProcessingEnd Level 2 Node: Matrix Processing
      Start Level 2 Node: Matrix View ProcessingMatrix View ProcessingEnd Level 2 Node: Matrix View Processing
      Start Level 2 Node: View Options in the Matrix ViewView Options in the Matrix ViewEnd Level 2 Node: View Options in the Matrix View
      Start Level 2 Node: Structure View ProcessingStructure View ProcessingEnd Level 2 Node: Structure View Processing
      Start Level 2 Node: View Options in Structure View ProcessingView Options in Structure View ProcessingEnd Level 2 Node: View Options in Structure View Processing
      Start Level 2 Node: Customizing Matrix TypesCustomizing Matrix TypesEnd Level 2 Node: Customizing Matrix Types
      Start Level 2 Node: Maintaining the StructureMaintaining the StructureEnd Level 2 Node: Maintaining the Structure
   Start Level 1 Node: Reports in Organizational ManagementReports in Organizational ManagementEnd Level 1 Node: Reports in Organizational Management
      Start Level 2 Node: Existing Organizational Units (Report RHXEXI00)Existing Organizational Units (Report RHXEXI00)End Level 2 Node: Existing Organizational Units (Report RHXEXI00)
      Start Level 2 Node: Staff Functions for Organizational Units (Report RHXSTAB0)Staff Functions for Organizational Units (Report RHXSTAB0)End Level 2 Node: Staff Functions for Organizational Units (Report RHXSTAB0)
      Start Level 2 Node: Organizational Structure with Persons (Report RHXSTR02)Organizational Structure with Persons (Report RHXSTR02)End Level 2 Node: Organizational Structure with Persons (Report RHXSTR02)
      Start Level 2 Node: Organizational Structure with Work Centers (Report RHXSTR02)Organizational Structure with Work Centers (Report RHXSTR02)End Level 2 Node: Organizational Structure with Work Centers (Report RHXSTR02)
      Start Level 2 Node: Existing Jobs (Report RHXEXI02)Existing Jobs (Report RHXEXI02)End Level 2 Node: Existing Jobs (Report RHXEXI02)
      Start Level 2 Node: Job Index (Report RHSTEL00)Job Index (Report RHSTEL00)End Level 2 Node: Job Index (Report RHSTEL00)
      Start Level 2 Node: Job Description (Report RHXDESC0)Job Description (Report RHXDESC0)End Level 2 Node: Job Description (Report RHXDESC0)
      Start Level 2 Node: Complete Job Description (Report RHXSCRP0)Complete Job Description (Report RHXSCRP0)End Level 2 Node: Complete Job Description (Report RHXSCRP0)
      Start Level 2 Node: Periods for Unoccupied Positions (Report RHFILLPOS)Periods for Unoccupied Positions (Report RHFILLPOS)End Level 2 Node: Periods for Unoccupied Positions (Report RHFILLPOS)
      Start Level 2 Node: Existing Positions (Report RHXEXI03)Existing Positions (Report RHXEXI03)End Level 2 Node: Existing Positions (Report RHXEXI03)
      Start Level 2 Node: Staff Assignments (Report RHSBES00)Staff Assignments (Report RHSBES00)End Level 2 Node: Staff Assignments (Report RHSBES00)
      Start Level 2 Node: Position Description (Report RHXDESC1)Position Description (Report RHXDESC1)End Level 2 Node: Position Description (Report RHXDESC1)
      Start Level 2 Node: Staff Functions for Positions (Report RHXSTAB1)Staff Functions for Positions (Report RHXSTAB1)End Level 2 Node: Staff Functions for Positions (Report RHXSTAB1)
      Start Level 2 Node: Authorities and Resources (Report RHXHFMT0)Authorities and Resources (Report RHXHFMT0)End Level 2 Node: Authorities and Resources (Report RHXHFMT0)
      Start Level 2 Node: Planned Labor Costs (Report RHSOLO00/RHXSOLO00)Planned Labor Costs (Report RHSOLO00/RHXSOLO00)End Level 2 Node: Planned Labor Costs (Report RHSOLO00/RHXSOLO00)
      Start Level 2 Node: Vacant Positions (Report RHVOPOS0)Vacant Positions (Report RHVOPOS0)End Level 2 Node: Vacant Positions (Report RHVOPOS0)
      Start Level 2 Node: Obsolete Positions (Report RHVOPOS1)Obsolete Positions (Report RHVOPOS1)End Level 2 Node: Obsolete Positions (Report RHVOPOS1)
      Start Level 2 Node: Complete Position Description (Report RHXSCRP1)Complete Position Description (Report RHXSCRP1)End Level 2 Node: Complete Position Description (Report RHXSCRP1)
      Start Level 2 Node: Reporting Structure without Persons (Report RHSTR05)Reporting Structure without Persons (Report RHSTR05)End Level 2 Node: Reporting Structure without Persons (Report RHSTR05)
      Start Level 2 Node: Reporting Structure with Persons (Report RHSTR04)Reporting Structure with Persons (Report RHSTR04)End Level 2 Node: Reporting Structure with Persons (Report RHSTR04)
      Start Level 2 Node: Existing Work Centers (Report RHXEXI05)Existing Work Centers (Report RHXEXI05)End Level 2 Node: Existing Work Centers (Report RHXEXI05)
      Start Level 2 Node: Work Centers per Organizational Unit (Report RHXSTRU06)Work Centers per Organizational Unit (Report RHXSTRU06)End Level 2 Node: Work Centers per Organizational Unit (Report RHXSTRU06)
      Start Level 2 Node: Existing Tasks (Report RHXEXI04)Existing Tasks (Report RHXEXI04)End Level 2 Node: Existing Tasks (Report RHXEXI04)
      Start Level 2 Node: Activity Profile of Positions (Report RHXSTR07)Activity Profile of Positions (Report RHXSTR07)End Level 2 Node: Activity Profile of Positions (Report RHXSTR07)
      Start Level 2 Node: Activity Profile of Positions with Persons (Report RHXSTR08)Activity Profile of Positions with Persons (Report RHXSTR08)End Level 2 Node: Activity Profile of Positions with Persons (Report RHXSTR08)
      Start Level 2 Node: Existing Objects (Report RHEXIST0)Existing Objects (Report RHEXIST0)End Level 2 Node: Existing Objects (Report RHEXIST0)
      Start Level 2 Node: Structure Display/Maintenance (RHSTRU00)Structure Display/Maintenance (RHSTRU00)End Level 2 Node: Structure Display/Maintenance (RHSTRU00)
      Start Level 2 Node: Reporting on an Infotype (Report RHINFAW0)Reporting on an Infotype (Report RHINFAW0)End Level 2 Node: Reporting on an Infotype (Report RHINFAW0)
      Start Level 2 Node: Starting an HR Report (Report RHPNPSUB)Starting an HR Report (Report RHPNPSUB)End Level 2 Node: Starting an HR Report (Report RHPNPSUB)