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  Qualification Block


A bundling of diverse qualifications for the purpose of assigning them to other objects.


Qualification blocks enable you to bundle individual qualifications from diverse qualification groups (with different scales) together and assign them in a block to other objects in order to map qualifications and requirements.The qualifications assigned to a qualification block do not inherit the attributes of the qualification block.For more information, see Using the Qualification Block

You define qualification blocks in the infotype maintenance transaction (PP01) of Personnel Management. There you can also assign qualification blocks to one another and create a hierarchy of qualification blocks.


A qualification block (object type QB) has the following attributes: (For more information, see the documentation for the Personnel Management infotypes. )

  • Object (infotype 1000)

    Long and short name of the qualification block

  • Description (infotype 1002)

    Text describing the qualification block

  • Depreciation Meter/Validity (infotype 1025)

    Depreciation or validity period in years or months

  • Scale (infotype 1033)

    Assignment of a scale to a rating

    You define scales in the IMG under Start of the navigation path Personnel Management Next navigation step Personnel Development Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Edit Scales End of the navigation path .

  • Qualification Management (infotype 1055)

    Assignment of qualifications and/or other qualification blocks

    If you use a qualification block to represent requirements, you can also store data on the required proficiency .