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Procedure documentationSetting Up the System Landscape


  1. In the portal, create a Systems folder, if it does not already exist. Proceed as follows:

    1. Choose Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step System Configuration Next navigation step System Landscape End of the navigation path.

    2. Position your cursor on Portal Content and use the context menu (right mouse button) to create the new Systems folder.

  2. Under the Systems directory, create an entry for the system, on which the software component SAP ECC Human Capital Management is installed. Proceed as follows:

    1. Using the context menu for the Systems folder, create a portal system (choose Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step System from Template End of the navigation path).

    2. Use an SAP system with load balancing as a template.

    3. Enter the name of the physical system (for example, XYZ000 for the system XYZ, client 000) as the name and ID.

    4. Make your company-specific settings for the fields, using the following property categories:

      • Connector

      • Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

        The relevant ITS path is: /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui

      • Web Application Server (WAS)

    5. Assign the system alias SAP_ECC_HumanResources.

    6. If you also want to use services form SAP SRM Procurement or SAP E-Recruiting, also create the following system aliases in the same way:

      • Alias for SRM: SAP_SRM

      • Alias for E-Recruiting: SAP_EREC_TalentManagement

More Information

See System Landscape