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 Condition Types for Automatic Postings


The condition types used to post difference values in credit/debit self-billing documents are, like all condition types, linked with revenue account determination in Financial Accounting. Therefore, they are important for determining the account to which values are posted.


You must do one or both of the following:

  • use the suitable condition type available as standard in the SAP system, PDIF . This is contained in the standard pricing procedure RVAA01 .

  • define your own condition type(s). You must make sure that the condition type is the last price-relevant condition in the pricing procedure. Otherwise the system will not use the correct value in the automatically created documents.

Process Flow

You set the condition type used to post difference values per sold-to party under Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Maintain Sold-To Party Parameters End of the navigation path in the Self-Billing Monitor.

This condition type will be used to post all difference values, both for difference clearing entries or for automatic new open items. The system uses the condition type to determine the account, to which the values are posted.





Revenue acct


Initial billing doc.




Inland revenue

Initial billing doc.

10% discount



Sales deduction discounts

Automatic differences determined in processing




Costs/revenues from differences in SD self-billing

10 pieces of material costing 10 dollars per piece are delivered to a customer. The customer also gets a 10% discount. The net item value is therefore 90 dollars. In the self-billing document, 10 pieces are shown with a net value of 85 dollars.

Since value determination in the self-billing procedure does not depend on the individual price components but on the net values, the difference amount cannot be split up into the condition types used in the initial billing document. Therefore, the difference amounts are posted with a special condition type. This ensures that separate revenue accounts can be used for all differences from self-billing. The same applies for clearing postings and new open items.