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 Setting Up the EDI Partner


Technically speaking, the EDI partner is the partner entered in the control record of the IDoc being used (type GSVERF01.)

From a business management point of view, the EDI partner is the sender of the transmission. This sender may represent several sold-to parties or goods recipients in your SAP system. That is, the EDI partner might be correspond to exactly one customer entered in the SD customer master, however, the EDI partner might represent several partners entered in the SD customer master. For example, Car Inc. sends you self-billing documents. In your system, you have several customer master records for Car Inc ., to represent the fact that you deliver to several different plants within the company. The customer master record that represents Car Inc. may not be used as a whole in SD documents but only for the single receiving plants. However, Car Inc. can still be your EDI partner.

The EDI subsystem must be able to identify the EDI partner and enter it in the control record of the IDoc. This partner number is always accompanied by a partner type and sometimes also by a partner role.

Process Flow

You set the partner profile in EDI Basis and the inbound parameters in the application.

Under Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Business Communication Next navigation step IDoc Next navigation step Partner Profile End of the navigation path , you create the partner profile with the following data:

Partner number: 999999999 (number from the customer master that represents the EDI partner)

Partner type: KU (customer)

Note Note

Partner type LS (logical system) can also be used for test purposes.

End of the note.

Partner function: AG (sold-to party) , RG (payer) or blank

Message type: SBWAP

Message code: (usually) blank

Message function: (usually) blank

Test: (usually) blank

Process code: SBAP

Syntax check: X

Processing by function module: Background (recommended)

Note Note

Immediately can also be used, but strictly for test purposes: this setting could bring a productive system to a standstill, because the processing of each IDoc would be sent to a dialog process of the application server.

End of the note.

Under Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales and Distribution Billing Next navigation step Billing Document Next navigation step Self-Billing (Automotive) Next navigation step Settings Next navigation step Maintain EDI partner End of the navigation path , you make settings for the EDI partner specific to the SD self-billing procedure. See also: Processing Inbound Self-Billing Documents .