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Object documentationGeneric User Interface Building Block (GUIBB)


Generic User Interface Building Blocks (GUIBBs) are design templates, for which the application, at design time, defines the data to be displayed along with a configuration. The concrete display of the data on the user interface is not determined and generated by the GUIBB until runtime. Thus, GUIBBs enable a form and list rendering mechanism.


The GUIBBs are provided by the Floorplan Manager (FPM) framework and used in the Personal Profile application for overview screens or business cards (biz cards) and detail screens. Each biz card and detail screen consists of at least one GUIBB. A GUIBB is a reusable Web Dynpro component.

In order to facilitate the consumption of the Business Object Layer (BOL) through GUIBBs, FPM framework provides standard interfaces such as IF_FPM_FEEDER_MODEL, IF_FPM_GUIBB_LIST and IF_FPM_GUIBB_FORM. For information on how to implement the feeder classes that can be used in form and list GUIBBs, see SAP Library for SAP NetWeaver on SAP Help Portal at published on SAP site Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability Next navigation step Application Platform by Key Capability Next navigation step ABAP Technology Next navigation step UI Technology Next navigation step WEB UI Technology Next navigation step Floorplan Manager for Web Dynpro ABAP End of the navigation path

The SAP standard delivery contains CL_HRESS_PER_OVERVIEW and CL_HRESS_PER_DETAIL feeder classes for overview and detail screen implementations of the Personal Profile application. For more information, see Feeder Class.

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In the documentation for the configuration of Personal Profile Services, the GUIBB is generically referred to as a User Interface Building Block (UIBB).

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