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 Down Payments for Sales Orders (Basis: Billing Plan)


This function supports down payments in sales orders in conjunction with the billing plan.


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Down Payment Agreements in the Sales Order

Down payments form part of the agreement with the customer and are saved in the sales order.

A down payment agreement is created as a deadline in the billing plan. This enables you to agree on as many down payments as required for different dates. The date for the down payment request yet to be created is specified in the deadline, and the system uses payment conditions to assign a due date to the down payment.

The value of the agreed down payment can either be created as an amount or percentage value of the item.

If a down payment agreement is assigned to one item with a billing plan, the down payment agreement is contained as a deadline in this billing plan.

Down Payment Request

A down payment request is sent to the customer in time for the deadline. The request can be generated by the system from the billing due list, or you can enter it manually. The down payment request is automatically posted as such to Financial Accounting.

The down payment requests that are created are visible in the document flow of the sales order.

Incoming Payments for a Down Payment Request

When you post an incoming down payment, the system proposes and assigns the available down payment requests.

Partial or Final Invoice with Down Payment Clearing

In partial invoices and for the final invoice, the down payments that have been made are copied to the billing document as down payments for clearing. The value of the down payments for clearing is displayed in the customer invoice.

The amount of down payments for clearing can be changed in a partial or final invoice.

The down payments for clearing that have been assigned to a billing document cause the system to clear all the completed down payments against the receivables in Financial Accounting.

Note Note

Cancellation is possible not only for the down payment request but also for an invoice with down payment clearing.

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