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 Self-Billing Monitor


The Self-Billing Monitor allows you to display, evaluate, and edit the transmissions received from your customer.


You can find the Self-Billing Monitor under Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales andDistribution Next navigation step Billing Next navigation step BillingDocument Next navigation step Self-Billing Procedure (Automotive) End of the navigation path . In the Self-Billing Monitor you can:

  • Display transmissions by specific selection criteria. You can select lists of transmissions:

    • that have to be started manually

    • that are waiting to be processed (for example, waiting until the time period during which processing is permitted)

    • for which processing is delayed (for example, because of an error situation in the system job management)

    • that are currently being processed

    • for which processing ended with errors

    • for which processing ended without errors

    • that contain deactivated transmissions (for example, because the transmissions were transmitted double)

      For more details on each criterion, see the field help in the application.

  • Display transmissions at delivery and material level showing the transmitted data and the corresponding data in your SAP system (for example, transmitted values vs. open values)

  • Start transmissions manually from the list

  • Display error messages from verification and processing steps, and edit errors in the list

  • Display the quantity and value differences and any new open items that result from processing

  • Deactivate specific data records (IDocs) in the list of deliveries that cannot be processed due to unrectifiable errors that occurred in the verification step

  • Set the processing indicator in the list of transmissions, for those transmissions that ended without errors

  • Reassignment of material items. If material items are assigned incorrectly, or are not assigned at all, you can still continue processing. The system separates the incorrect material items from the correctly assigned material items, and assigns them a new header record. At a later stage they can be further processed separately Reassignment of Material Items .

    Note Note

    A transmission for which the processing indicator has been set is no longer displayed in the counter for the category Processing ended w/o errors the next time you call the Self-Billing Monitor.

    End of the note.