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 Archiving of Encrypted Payment Card Data


To reduce the load on your database, you can archive encrypted payment card data that you have not used online for a long time.


You archive and delete using the SAP standard tool for archiving, the Archive Development Kit .

For archiving, you use transaction SARA with archiving object CA_PCA_SEC.

You specify the minimum retention period for the data when you archive. The system automatically ensures a lower limit of 180 days. Data that has reached the specified age is then deleted from the database and written to an archive file in the file system.

Access to Archived Data

If you activate the archive information structure SAP_PCA_SEC001 in transaction SARI, SAP programs can access the archived payment card data after it has been archived.

To individually display archived, encrypted payment card data, use archive information structure SAP_PCA_SEC001 and field catalog SAP_PCA_SEC.

All applications can access the archived payment card data using read modules.

Write Variant for Encrypted Payment Card Data

When archiving, you can also restrict the selection of data to be archived using the GUID. In addition, you can select by the date the payment card was last used.