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Object documentationAgenda Topics (Infotype 7434)


Infotype in which the system stores the information about the agenda topics included in the agenda of a talent review meeting.


While preparing and planning a talent review meeting, the talent management specialist creates an agenda. The system creates a record for the Agenda Topics infotype in the background for the talent review meeting and stores information about the agenda topics and the ID of the talent review meeting in the record (object type RM).


In the Agenda Topics infotype, the system defines the following information:

  • Name of agenda topic

  • Type of agenda topic (for example, general agenda topic or agenda topic for discussing talents)

  • ID of agenda topic

  • ID of higher-level agenda topic (if available)

  • ID of previous agenda topic (if available)

  • Assigned objects:

    • For talents: Object type CP (Central Person) and object ID of employee's central person

    • For attachments: ID and document class of attachments