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 Subsequent Creation of Orders After a System Termination


You can use this utility function to subsequently create orders for the update.

You use the utility function Create Orders After Termination if you have already created requests for sales reports and a termination occurs before the Pendulum List Indirect Sales has created orders for updating the structures in the Sales Information System (SIS).


You can only create the orders for updating the SIS structures if you have already created requests and the system has not yet generated any orders.


  1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose:

    Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Pendulum List Indirect Sales Next navigation step Utilities Next navigation step Create Orders After Termination End of the navigation path .

    The Create Orders After Termination Request screen appears.

  2. Enter the necessary data.

  3. Choose Execute .


The system generates the orders for updating the SIS structures.