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  SAP Learning Solution (PE-LSO)


Lifelong learning is a challenge that learners, employees, and employers are equally faced with. Traditional classroom training ties up time and resources, takes employees away from their day-to-day tasks, and drives up expenses.

This situation calls for new strategies. Internet and intranet provide the solutions. They lead directly to the work centers of employees. The employee's PC at work or at home becomes a personal training center. E-learning can be used in a wide variety of areas. Companies and educational institutions can use it to enhance their traditional training methods. It can help to cut the cost of training by providing more learners with easier access to training measures.

The SAP Learning Solution paves the way for this development. It opens up new learning possibilities for learners, trainers, companies, and educational institutions. As a cross-industry solution, it can be integrated into company software that is already installed. In this way, investments in existing training and personnel development systems are secured. Continuous development and the inclusion of current research results in the product ensure that SAP Learning Solution is a safe investment for the future.


The SAP Learning Solution consists of a Web-based learning portal, instructor portal, course administrator portal, Training Management in the ERP system, and an authoring environment.

Depending on your role in the company, the SAP Learning Solution offers you the environment you need to enable you to competently fulfill your tasks.

Learning Portal

If you are interested in training and education, the learning portal offers you functions to find and participate in suitable courses. It gives you individual, personalized access to the company’s course offering in the course catalog. The catalog can include classroom training, virtual classroom training, Web-based training, online tests, or curricula. You search the catalog for a suitable course, inform yourself about the course content, select the required course, book and participate in it. If required, you can rebook or cancel bookings. You can start WBT courses at any time, interrupt, restart, and complete the course.

The learning profile helps you keep track of activities and provides you with personal decision support at your PC. It gives you an overview of current, upcoming, and completed learning units. The profile matchup feature provides additional help. By comparing the qualifications profile with position requirements, the SAP Learning Solution can automatically generate appropriate course offerings.

A tutorial system, the Content Player, tracks your personal learning process. The learner is guided through the course depending on his or her progress and according to didactic strategies.

Content Management System

All learning content is stored and administered in the Content Management System (CMS). Additional Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)-compatible folders can be used if necessary.

Instructor Portal

The portal offers instructors and tutors a central user-friendly point of access to execute all tasks that are assigned to the role quickly and effectively. They can obtain an overview of the tasks to be completed and can perform all required activities for their role from the initial screen. They can access the relevant back-end functions in Training Management to execute their tasks.

Training Mangement

Training Management supports both Web-based learning methods and classroom learning by providing access to the virtual learning environment in the Learning Portal. Training Management is an integral part of the SAP Learning Solution

The system helps the training administrator to plan and design the course catalog. There is a direct link from the catalog structure to the content stored in the Content Management system.

As training administrator, your tasks range from course planning and organization through course appraisal. For example:

You create and maintain the course catalog that is available to the learner in the Learning Portal.

You create a classroom course, a WBT, or a curriculum in the course catalog.

You enter the date, place, and room for classroom training.

You link a Web-based course to the content stored in the Content Management System.

You assign a course the qualifications that are prerequisites for participation and the qualifications it imparts. A check is carried out for these qualifications in the learning portal when a learner registers for or completes a course.

You assign the respective target group to the course.

You assign a collaboration room to the course to enable wide-ranging Web communication.

You perform follow-up activities for a course and handle the associated correspondence.

Course Administrator Portal

Course administrators have an important and central role in SAP Learning Solution . The Course Administrator Portal provides course administrators a quick and convenient point of entry for fulfilling their duties. All courses assigned to a course administrator are contained in a worklist. This worklist enables a quick overview of the administrator’s current tasks. Course administrators access the functions in training management using Web-based services. This way, they can perform necessary administrative tasks including:

Managing courses and mandatory courses

Reserving rooms and equipment

Booking instructors

Following up courses

Managing of participation

Billing and allocating participation

Authoring Environment

As an author or instructional designer, you are responsible for the course content:

You create and structure the course content and tests.

You store the created content in the Content Management system.

You publish the completed content in the application system so that the course administrator can find and assign the reference to the relevant course content when he or she creates WBTs.

The Authoring Environment contains tools that authors and instructional designers can use to create course content and tests. External authoring tools can be easily integrated into the Authoring Environment.


Since the SAP Learning Solution is based upon Training and Event Management from a technical point of view, the terms course and business event are used synonymously.

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