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 Posting Clarification Items Online


The payment lot must still contain payments requiring clarification; automatic assignment of the payment is not possible with the existing information. You have selected a payment requiring clarification.


You are in a clarification worklist on the screen Clarify Item: Details and Selections.

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Post Item Online End of the navigation path .

  2. The document entry screen appears. You now have to transfer the payment amount from the clarification account to one or more suitable contract account(s). The posting with which the clarification account is credited is generated by the system. The selection criteria are proposed from the payment lot but you can overwrite them. Having entered your selection criteria, you can then assign clearing amounts to the open items. For more information, see Processing Open Items . If you want to post the payment amount or partial amount as a payment on account, choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Back End of the navigation path to get to document entry.

  3. Post the document if the balance is zero or the balance is within the tolerances permitted for an automatic write-off of the difference. To do so, choose Start of the navigation path Document Next navigation step Post. End of the navigation path


Having posted the document, you automatically go back to clarification processing. The document number assigned is recorded as the clarification document number for the payment. Once you have processed the last item requiring clarification within a payment lot, the system changes the status of the payment lot to Postings Made.