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Function documentationSearch Results of Enhanced User Interface


The system displays the result of your search query as a personalizable list of the employees found. Starting from the search results, you can perform other activities such as comparing talents or creating a talent album.


Working with the Results List
  • The results list of the search uses the SAP List Viewer (ALV) for Web Dynpro. Therefore, you can use the following ALV standard functions for Web Dynpro for the list:

    • Adjusting the display of the list

      For more information, see Displaying the List.

    • Sorting the list

      For more information, see Sorting the List.

    • Filtering the list

      For more information, see Filtering the List.

    • Exporting the list to Microsoft Excel

      For more information, see Exporting the List to Microsoft Excel.

  • You can save and reload all settings that you make for the list in views. For more information, see Personalizing the List.

Activities Starting from the Search Results
  • You can display an employee's talent profile.

  • You can create a talent album, meaning a PDF document with the talent profiles for the selected talents.

  • In place of the employee, you can define or edit information in the categories of the talent profile that are edited by the employee.

    For more information, see Talent Profile for Managers and Talent Management Specialists.

  • You can display an employee's development plan.

  • You can compare talents.