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 Entering Outgoing Checks in Lots


  1. From the SAP menu, choose Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Lot for Manual Outgoing Checks End of the navigation path .

  2. Specify a key in the field Lot , and then choose with the quick info text Create Check Lot .

  3. Define a search term to make any subsequent searches easier, and if required, additional information.

  4. Define the data for the lot header:

    In the area Total and Item Specifications , enter control totals and items. State the total amount and the number of checks. This step is optional and is for control purposes only. If actual values differ from the defaults however, you cannot post the lot.

  5. Enter the header data. This includes the following information:

    • Details for the documents to be posted:

      Document type, posting date, currency, G/L reconciliation key

    • Details for postings to the bank clearing account:

      Company code, house bank, account ID, and payment method.

      The system uses these details to determine the check clearing account to which the items are posted. If the bank reports that a check has already been cashed, the corresponding item is always posted to the same clearing account as for encashment.

    • Specifications for the check numbers

      Interval for the check numbers to be assigned (optional).

      If you enter a check number that is not in this interval, the system issues a warning message.

  6. Choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step New Items. End of the navigation path .The list screen for entering payment data appears.By double-clicking on the item, you can go to the detail display. For more information about the list and detail screen, see Creating Payment Lots Manually .

  7. For each check, enter one item in the check lot. You can specify all data relevant for check management, such as check number, check recipient (business partner), contract, amount, and the issue date.

    In addition, you can also enter a check voiding reason. This has the effect that the entry to be created receives the status Invalid in Check Management, and no document is posted.

  8. Save your entries .

If you have entered all the items for a lot, close and post the lot on the initial screen of the transaction Lot for Manual Outgoing Checks . If you display the detail view of the items once you have successfully posted the lot, from there, you can display the check management and the document created. To do this, choose the pushbutton with the quick info text Display Check or Display Document next to the fields Document Number or Check Number .