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This single role comprises the tasks that an employee performs in Talent Management. You can use this single role as a template to specify the authorizations specific to Talent Management for the employees in your enterprise. The role also comprises a menu that you can use as part of the role Employee Self-Service in SAP NetWeaver Business Client.


In the standard SAP system, the role comprises the following authorizations in Talent Management:

  • The employee is allowed to edit his or her talent profile and thereby define data for the following categories:

    • Internal Work Experience (infotype 7402)

    • External Work Experience (infotype 7403)

    • Education (infotype 7404)

    • Accomplishments (infotype 7405)

    • Mobility (infotype 7406)

    • Career Goal (infotype 7407)

  • He or she is allowed to display functional areas, job families, jobs, and positions (infotype 1000).

  • He or she is allowed to display the career type and the career type level of jobs and positions (infotype 7410).

  • He or she is allowed to display his or her assignment to an organizational unit (relationship 207).

Recommendation Recommendation

For the authorization objects B_BUPA_RLT, PLOG, and P_PERNR, enter the proficiency * for all fields that do not have a specific entry. Enter the active plan version for the field PLVAR of the authorization object PLOG.

End of the recommendation.