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You use these functions to create orders for the entered sales that the system has not yet identified as updated.

The system then makes the updated indirect sales available for the Sales Information System (SIS) for further analysis.


The following prerequisites apply for you to be able to process confirmations:

You must have created the necessary master data.

You must have created conversion data.

You must have created the necessary request data for the wholesaler.

You must have created item data.

You must have entered confirmations in the Pendulum List Indirect Sales .

To run an update, the following information must be available in every confirmation:

The sales (quantity-related/value-related) of at least one material per assortment in case of reportable assortments,

The sales (quantity-related/value-related) of at least one material per assortment list in case of non-reportable assortments,


The following functions enable you to carry out an update:

Schedule an update run as a job

You can schedule an update run as a job that Pendulum List Indirect Sales executes in the background at a specified point in time.

Run update directly

You can run an update manually using an update dialog box.

During the update, the system processes sales reports in different process flows.

The system flags a reportable assortment list as completely reported if the sales report shows that the wholesaler reported the sales of at least one material per assortment of this assortment list. If the assortments contain other reportable materials for which the sales are not stated, the system automatically identifies the missing entries as a zero report.

A zero report refers to the entry of zero sales for the relevant material. The system regards the sales of a material with this indicator as reported.

The system always identifies the sales of non-reportable assortments as reported, as soon as one material from the whole assortment list of an object (customer/wholesaler) is entered. The system does not update the non-reportable materials of an assortment list under orders unless the wholesaler has actually reported the relevant sales.

During the update, the system checks whether:

The entered sales reports contain the information required to create an order

Data relating to the




is available in the system for the period concerned (depends on the Customizing setting).

If the system uses a background job to read data, it

Imports (warning) or

Deletes, in the background (error message)

(depending on Customizing) sales data that has been entered twice or that shows errors during the update. If the system does not delete incorrect and duplicate sales data, you can change the data in a dialog box or completely delete it using a request during the update.


You limit data records entered in the Pendulum List Indirect Sales but which have not yet been updated, according to the following criteria:

Sales organization

Distribution channel





Validity period

Incorrect data records

The Pendulum List Indirect Sales identifies the data records that have status Not reported .

The Pendulum List Indirect Sales transfers the data to the function module that is assigned in Customizing.

The function module provided as standard creates an order for indirect sales for each confirmation data record.

The Pendulum List Indirect Sales makes these orders available to the Sales Information System (SIS).

You can modify the function modules that are provided and also created new modules.


You have assigned a modified function module in Customizing that transfers the data records directly to the Sales Information System. By doing this, you have changed the update procedure. In this case, the Pendulum List Indirect Sales does not create any indirect orders.