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 Reassignment of Material Items


In the Self-Billing Monitor (transactionVSB1N), some header records contain more than one material item. If some of the material items are assigned incorrectly or not at all to internal SD documents (for example, deliveries), it is still possible to carry on processing because you can separate the faulty material items from the correct ones, and assign them to a new header record for further processing.

The result is that you end up with:

Header records that can be further processed using SD self-billing.

Header records containing material items that cannot be processed. These can be deactivated so they do not disturb the whole transmission.

Header records for which you must investigate to which internal SD document the header record and associated material items should be assigned.


You get to the Reassign Material Items screen by choosing Reassign Items on the List of Material Items screen in the Self-Billing Monitor.

The upper screen area displays the current assignment of the material items to a header record.

There may be several header records in the upper screen if the material items within the original header record have already been reassigned.

By default, the upper screen area only shows material items with a yellow status icon. This indicates that the material items are contained in the transmitted data, but are not in the currently assigned SD document.

There is an internal SD delivery (80001) with three material items A, B and C, and a header record from the transmitted SBWAP data which makes reference to delivery 80001 and which contains items A,C and D.

Item D from the transmitted data header record is displayed in the upper screen part as it cannot be assigned to any of the items in delivery 80001.

Item A,C are already assigned to a header record in the lower screen part.

You can also view the material items that are already assigned correctly to the allocated SD document. These material items have a green status icon. To view them too, you can choose with the quick info text Displ.Assigned/Processed Items. This changes the view of the upper screen to show all material items with yellow and green status.

The lower screen area displays the new assignments of the items to header records after regrouping of the header and item records.

By default, the material items that are allocated to an SD document and have green status are automatically placed in the lower screen area and grouped to one new header record.

You can create as many new header records as you like, and can reassign as many items to them as you wish, for example, you can have eight assignable items assigned to one new header record, or eight assignable items assigned to eight new header records.

The material items can have the following ‘assignment’ status:

Locked with the quick info text Locked because they are already correctly assigned

Assignable with the quick info text New Assignment Possible. They can still be assignedto a new or existing header in the lower screen area.

Processed with the quick info text Processed . These material items have been completely processed.

You can drag and drop the items from the current assignments in the upper screen to a new header record target assignment in the lower screen.

To be able to save new assignments, the upper screen area must be empty and all material items must be assigned to header records in the lower screen area.

Even when you have saved your assignments, you must still restart the verification step before leaving the Self-Billing Monitor in order for the reassignments to take effect. The Restart Verification Step popup appears before you leave the transaction.