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 Notification Status


A value assignment type of value assignment category Composition .

You can use the notification status to decide whether a substance may be exported to a certain country. The notification status specifies:

  • Whether a substance may be traded in a defined jurisdiction

  • On what basis its import is prohibited or permitted, and if any restrictions apply

    Example Example

    The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) list, for example, would be a regulatory list that could serve as a basis.

    End of the example.

Most of these lists are positive lists, this means, they list substances (products, mixtures, preparations) that may be imported and traded. There are also some negative lists that contain substances subject to restrictions.


The notification status is normally specified by individual legislatures for pure substances and must be derived from the specifications for products made of pure substances. If existing data is changed, you must check the notification status. You can configure and automate the deriving and checking of data in accordance with your requirements using EH&S Expert sets of rules.


You will find the value assignment type Notification Status in the standard property tree supplied with the system. It contains the following characteristics:

  • Notification basis

    In this phrase-enabled characteristic, you can specify the legal basis on which notification has taken place.

  • Regulatory list

    This characteristic contains the regulatory lists that are used as the basis for the notification status. You define these regulatory lists in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools under Specify Regulatory Lists . In addition, you can edit them in the SAP component Basic Data and Tools (see Regulatory List Management ).

  • Revision

    In this characteristic, you can further specify the basis on which the most recent notification status was determined (such as version number or year of publication of a particular list).

  • List notification

  • Component notification

  • Notification

    This characteristic contains the notification status.

    Caution Caution

    The notification status you enter here is definitive and binding.

    End of the caution.
  • Additional info

    In this characteristic, you can make, for example, the following entries:

    • Reasons for the notification status selected

    • Exceptions

    • Conditions within the notification status

  • Notification date

    This characteristic contains the date on which a substance was registered with the relevant authority.

  • Notification number