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 Recognizing Revenues


You can use this function to create a revenue recognition due list based on specific selection criteria.


When you create the revenue recognition worklist, you must specify the posting period.

Selection Criteria

You can also set additional selection criteria, such as posting date and posting level.

Posting date

The posting date determines the date for which the document is posted in accounting.The fiscal year and posting period are derived from the posting date.The system checks if the posting date is within an open posting period in financial accounting (FI).

Posting Level

The posting level determines the level used in revenue recognition to create accounting documents. There are various different posting levels available.

Additional functions

There are other functions for posting revenues in revenue recognition, such as the block indicator and authorization concept.

Block indicator

In service-related revenue recognition, the revenue lines are automatically allocated a posting block if the item is relevant for an event or proof of delivery. The block is allocated upon goods issue or when the service order is saved. You can set or delete the block indicator manually using the Post Revenues transaction (VF44).

You can also use the block indicator in time-related revenue recognition.

There might be certain situations where you have to delete the block indicator manually.If performance of a service is confirmed by telephone, for example.The corresponding invoice has not yet been received, however.If you still want the revenues to be recognized at the end of the period, you can delete the block indicator manually.

Batch capability

You can use background processing for the Post Revenues and Cancel Revenues transactions (VF44/VF46).This is enabled by reports SDRRAV01/VF44 and SDRRAV05/VF46. You can run these reports in parallel.Processing can take place immediately, or you can schedule it for a specific date. A log is created for each processing run.

Authorization concept

Revenue recognition has its own authorization concept for posting and canceling revenues.It checks a user's authorization for displaying, posting, and changing revenue lines.


To create the revenue recognition due list, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales and Distribution Next navigation step Billing Next navigation step Revenue Recognition Next navigation step Edit Revenue List End of the navigation path .

  • Enter a posting period.

    The system displays a list of revenue lines that have to be recognized.

  • You can also set additional selection criteria, such as SD document number or number interval.

  • You must refer to at least one SD document in revenue recognition.

  • An accounting document is created automatically.Postings are made via this document to the non-billed receivables account or revenue accrual account, and to the revenue account.