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 Processing Controlling Areas


You make the settings for the controlling area to show the structure of your organization from the Controlling aspect.


Before creating a controlling area, you need to create the company codes and business areas (in FI) that are to be assigned.

For more information, see: Organizational Structure of Financial Accounting .

Process Flow

Define the controlling area and enter the basic data relevant to cost accounting.

  1. In Customizing, choose Controlling → General Controlling Organization → Maintain Controlling Area .

  2. Activate each component in the controlling area (cost centers, order management, profitability analysis, and so on).

  3. Store additional control information, such as, which currency the system should use to update the values, and whether it should display variances.

  4. Assign one or more company codes to the controlling area.

See also: Assigning Controlling Areas and Company Codes

You can also activate individual components in the controlling area, using the IMG for each Controlling component.