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 Payment Plan Item


A payment plan item is the basis for the postings to be created in the debit entry. It contains an amount, a validity period and the account assignments required for the creation of subledger documents.


The system derives the information relevant to the distribution of the amount from this information, as well the information from the associated payment plan data. However, a payment plan item can also override the control information provided by the payment plan key, and can post the entire amount in one go (one-time document).

  • Payment plan items are assigned as transaction data to an insurance object-partner relationship (in the SAP Easy Access menu for collections, under Start of the navigation path Master Data Next navigation step Insurance Object End of the navigation path ).

  • You can assign n payment plan items, for which just one payment plan is valid, to an insurance relationship.

  • It is possible to simulate payment plan items for a business partner-contract relationship on the Payment Plan tab page for the insurance object. The system displays the payment plan subitems to be posted.


A payment plan item is flagged by the following characteristics upon creation or change, which you can find on the various tab pages for the insurance object-partner relationship.

  • Control data ( PPI Control tab page)

    Such as payment plan item category, currency, total amount or installment, specifications for early ending

  • Document data and account assignments (tab pages PPI Document I and PPI Document II )

    Such as company code, main and subtransactions, additional account assignments, specifications for taxes and business locks, due dates, and FS-CD-specific fields such as product group and insurance type

  • Specifications for manual distribution of the payment plan item, if you perform individual distribution for each payment plan item (tab page PPI Ind. Distribution ).

Payment Plan Item Categories

Payment plan items are stored in the VVSCPOS table. They refer to the following payment plan item categories (document categories):

  • 20: If this is a payment plan item from which open items are to be created

  • 21: If this is a payment plan item for customer-initiated payment form, for which payment plan subitems are to be created with a note character

  • 22: If there are payment plan items for a subledger transfer posting

  • 23: If this is a payment plan items for G/L transfer posting

For information about how to define payment plan items for an insurance object-partner relationship, see Create and Change Payment Plan Items .