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Function documentationSearch with Simple User Interface


With the simple user interface, talent management specialists can use different search criteria to search for employees in the enterprise. The simple user interface is separated into a simple search and an extended search.

Example Example

You search for employees whose performace was rated as Exceeds Expectations.

You search for employees who are nominated for the talent group Top Talents.

You search for employees who report to a particular manager.

You search for employees who, according to their talent profile, have a university degree in natural sciences.

End of the example.


Search Template
  • Simple search

    • You can search by the first name or last name, or personnel number of an employee.

    • You can use placeholders such as *.

  • Advanced search

    • You can search using additional search criteria such as:

      • Talent group

      • Performance values and potential values

      • Organizational data such as manager or position

      • Qualifications

      • Information that the employee has stored in the talent profile, for example, about his or her internal or external work experience, education, or career goal.

      Which search criteria are available is defined in Customizing for Talent Management and Talent Development, under Start of the navigation path Basic Settings Next navigation step Search Next navigation step Define Search Configurations End of the navigation path.

    • You can also use placeholders such as *.

    • You can use operators for some search criteria (for example, performance values and potential values, or proficiencies of qualifications). For example, the following operators are available:

      • Single value

      • greater than or equal to

      • less than or equal to

      • greater than

      • less than

      • not equal to

    • You can use multiple selection for some search criteria (for example, performance values and potential values, or proficiencies of qualifications). You can enter multiple single vlaues or value ranges for the criterion.

    • All search criteria that you enter for the extended search have an and relationship.

Search Results

A list of the talents found, including their names and personnel numbers is displayed. You can display a short profile for each talent. Depending on where you call the search, you can perform additional activities.

Example Example

If you use the search in the Talent Information application you can compare talents or display a talent's development plan, for example.

End of the example.