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 EDI-Relevant Settings for the Partner


You make these settings if you want the system to use the partner description transmitted in a self-billing document to determine the sold-to party for the self-billing document. A partner description can contain any type of data and is often a reference to the plant to which the goods were delivered.

These settings are optional. The only mandatory settings for sold-to party determination are the EDI-Relevant Settings for the Vendor .


The sender transmits a partner description in the self-billing documents.


  1. Enter the partner description in the customer master for the goods recipient.

  2. When mapping the IDoc GSVERF01, enter the partner description as follows:

    -> in the segment E1EDKA1

    -> for partner usage "WK" PARVW = WK

    -> in segment field PARTN = 0001 (example).