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 Calling Back, Reversing, and Correcting Payments


Callback and correction of payments that you process via external payment collectors.


Calling Back Payments

You can process the callback of payments that an external payment collector transmits in the prenotification in returns lots (SAP menu: PaymentsReturnsReturns Lots ). The processing takes place via returns category 05. Make sure that you use the payment form number as selection criterion. When you post the returns lot, the system sets the status Called Back for the corresponding payment. To determine the payments that cannot be called back, you can use event 0061 (customer-specific).

Correcting Payments

You can also process payment corrections that external payment collectors inform you of by file after the callback in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable . The processing involves two steps:

In the first step, you have to summarize all corrections reported by external payment collectors in a file and post them in a payment lot as described above. Set the status of the reported payments to Corrected . When you post the payment lot, the status Corrected is set for the corrected payment.

Transfer the payment data from the confirmation file with program RFKK_CVSPAY_CONFIRM.

If you want to exclude certain payments from a correction, you have to implement corresponding criteria in event 0240. As an example, you can use function module FKK_EVENT_0240_CVS (customer-specific). If the payment for a payment form was posted as a payment on account, and a callback has taken place, in event 0255 you can determine the payment on account for this payment form. As an example, you can use function module FKK_EVENT_0255_CVS.

Reversing Payments Reported by External Payment Collectors

SAP provides sample function module FKK_EVENT_0070_CVS (customer-specific) for reversing payments.