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Function documentationConfiguration of the Role Menu for ESS (WDA) in SAP Portal


In this section you find information about how the role menu in the FPM Launchpad Configuration Repository (transaction LPD_CUST) is configured for the SAP NetWeaver Portal role Employee Self-Service (WDA).


For the Launchpad menu, the following technical objects are relevant:

  • Application HRESS_A_MENU with Overview Pattern Configuration (OVP) HRESS_AC_MENU

  • Component Configuration HRESS_CC_MENU_AREA_GROUP which has been created for the FPM Launchpad component FPM_LAUNCHPAD_UIBB.

  • Component Configuration HRESS_CC_MENU_AREA_GROUP which points to the following:

    • Launchpad configuration Role: ESS and Instance: MENU for menu rendering.

    • Launchpad configuration Role: ESS and Instance: RELATED_LINKS for the Related Links section in the Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA).

    • Feeder Class CL_HRESS_LPD_MENU which is used to modify the menu at runtime based on BAdI implementations of HRESS_MENU.

      Also see Dynamic Rendering of the Menu (BAdI HRESS_MENU).


In Customizing for Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP), make the required settings under Start of the navigation path General Settings Next navigation step ESS Menu for Services Next navigation step Menu for SAP Portal Role End of the navigation path.

This Customizing activity calls up transaction LPD_CUST, where you can find the delivered Launchpad configurations Role: ESS and Instance: MENU and Instance: RELATED_LINKS.

As soon as you access the delivered configurations in editing mode, the system automatically creates a copy of the launchpad configuration that you can change according to your requirements:

  • You can create your own applications directly under the copied folders as required. Or you can subdivide the launchpad further by creating additional folders.

    Note Note

    In the portal, the folders are used as headers for the links to the applications.

    End of the note.
  • You can create an additional folder by selecting the folder under which you want to create the new one. Choose New Folder and enter a text for the new folder. When you choose Enter, the new folder is inserted under the selected folder.

  • You can create applications by selecting the folder under which you want to create them. Choose New Application. and select the Application Category. Depending on this selection, other input fields are displayed with which you can define or select the parameters of the application.

    Note Note

    If the field System Alias is displayed when you choose the application category, you have to enter a system alias. The folder Inactive Applications is used to collect the applications that should be available in the SAP NetWeaver Portal, but not directly visible in the role menu. These applications are displayed in the Portal in a table that the user can view when changing the launchpad settings.

    End of the note.
  • You can enter (or change an existing) a description to be displayed in the SAP NetWeaver Portal under the link to the application. To do so, choose for the folder or the application in your launchpad menu, once you have selected it with your cursor, on the right hand side Editor for the Description.

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