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A routing (or task list) for a configurable material contains all the operations, operation sequences, and production resources/tools (PRTs) that are required to manufacture all variants of a configurable material.

Routings (task lists) for configurable materials are known as super task lists.

When you configure the material, you assign characteristic values that are used in production to determine the operations required.

In the processing industries, master recipes are used instead of task lists. Master recipes contain all the recipe objects that are required for all product variants.


To maintain task lists for configurable materials, choose Routings ® Routing ® Create. You create the routing in the same way as for other materials.

You can assign dependencies to the operations, operation sequences, and PRTs in routings for configurable materials.

You can assign dependencies to the phases, operations, BOM items, and secondary resources in master recipes.

You can assign the following dependency types:

To ensure that operations, operation sequences, and PRTs are selected when they are needed in a variant, you assign selection conditions to them.

Selection conditions also ensure that the correct objects in master recipes are selected.

See Selection Conditions and

Selection Conditions for a BOM Item and Operation.

To change fields in operations and PRTs, such as the standard values, you use procedures or actions.

In master recipes, you can change fields in operations, phases, secondary resources, and BOM components.

See Reference Characteristics in Dependencies and Master Data References in Task Lists

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