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SAP ECC 5.0 and higher

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SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Employees can use this service to request leave, or other absences or attendances. They can also use this service for absences that do not require approval, for example, sick leave, to inform their manager that they will be absent for a certain time period. Employees can change or delete submitted leave requests or absences that have already been stored in the database, if necessary.

If the concurrent employment functionality has been activated, employees can record or edit a leave for the relevant personnel assignment when they start the application.


  • The Leave Request application includes the following tasks:

    • Creation of leave request by employee

    • Forwarding leave request to manager for approval

    • Controlling the deletion and cancellation processes

The interfaces used by employees and managers when they process leave requests are WebDynpro ABAP applications that belong to Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS).

  • The Leave Request application includes the following services that are tailored to the needs of employees and managers, and provide practical contextual information:

    • Create Leave Request: The service for employees who want to request, change, or cancel leave.

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      You can use this function only if your employees enter their own leave requests in Employee Self-Service. It is not suitable if you have time administrators record absences.

    • Approve Leave Request : The service for managers who want to approve the leave requests.

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      You do not have to implement this service. Alternatively, you can use a simple backend report.

  • Your employees can use the Create Leave Request service to request both absences (infotype 2001) and attendances (infotype 2002). You can also process records of the Attendances infotype (2002) that have the quality of an absence in your company, such as training courses.

  • The Leave Request application has automatic control of the processing process. You can make Customizing settings for groups of employees to control aspects such as:

    • Which absence and attendance types employees are permitted to request.

    • The periods before and after an absence during which employees are permitted to request leave in advance or retroactively. You can define different periods for different absence and attendance types.

    • The actions an employee is permitted to carry out. For example, you can specify whether an employee is permitted to change or delete an absence that has already been approved.

  • Several reports are available in the backend system to control the processing. The reports send e-mails to employees to notify them of the status of their leave request. Approvers and time administrators are notified of leave requests that they have to process. You can schedule the reports as a periodic background process. If you want to useSAP Business Workflow, the same reports are processed with the corresponding workflow tasks. For more information about the workflow, see General Workflow for Documents.

  • You can use Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) to customize the service to suit your requirements. For example, you can adjust the processing process to suit your needs, or import and change data.

For more information, see Customizing for Personnel Management under  Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP)   Service-Specific Settings   Working Time   Leave Request   Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)  


  • You have integrated the services with the relevant portal pages. For more information, see the documentation for ESS and MSS:

    Business Package for Manager Self-Service (MSS).

  • You have set up the service in Customizing. For more information, see Customizing under   Personnel Management   Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP)   Service-Specific Settings   Working Time   Leave Request  

  • You have made the following settings in the Communication infotype (0105) for all employees:

    • You have specified the system user name in subtype 0001 (System User Name SAP System (SY-UNAME)).

    • You have stored the e-mail address in the subtype 0010 (E-Mail).

  • You use SAP Time Management to manage your employees' time data.


This service provides the following features to enable employees plan and record their absences:

  • Employees can request leave and other absences, and enter notifications of sickness and other absences that do not require approval.

  • The Team Calendar enables employees to check their desired periods of leave against other team members' leave.

    This function also exists as a standalone Service in Manager Self-Service. For more information, see Team Calendar.

  • The Calendar gives employees a three-month overview of their booked and requested absences.

  • The Leave Overview enables employees to view their absences and track the status of their requests.

  • Employees can cancel, shorten, or lengthen absences. To do this, they select the relevant absence from the Leave Overview in the Team Calendar or Calendar.

  • The Time Accounts function provides employees with an overview of their absence entitlements and attendance approvals. Employees can check their remaining entitlement before requesting a new leave. This feature also exists as a standalone service, View Time Account Balances.

    For information about the data sources and possible settings for this function, see Data Origin of Time Accounts and Customizing for Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP) under   Service-Specifc Settings   Working Time   Time Accounts  .

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    The information displayed in the Team Calendar, Leave Overview, and Time Accounts is only updated after an employee has submitted a leave request.