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You are provided with three Xcelsius Dashboards which enable your managers and employees in Sales and Distribution to perform adhoc analyses.

The following Xcelsius Dashboards for Sales and Distribution are available:

  • For managers:

    • Quote and Order Progress

    • Performance in Sales and Distribution

  • For internal sales representatives: Day-to-Day Activities


  • You have activated the content bundle Content Activation for Logistical Sales for Dashboards (LOG_SD_ANALYTICS_DASHBOARD).

  • You have adjusted your pricing procedure for price determination so that the evaluation Discounts (As a Percentage of the Base Value) can determine the discounts correctly in the dashboard Performance in Sales and Distribution.

    For more information, see Adjust Pricing Procedure.

  • You have installed one of the following support packages:

    • Support package 09 for SAP NW BI7.0 EhP 1 BI JAVA

    • Support package 03 for SAP NW 7.30 BI JAVA

    For more information, see SAP note 1526708.

    Alternatively, you can install Java patch SP07.

  • To enable communication for the backend system and the web client, your user is assigned a technical user role. For more information, see Creating a Technical User.

  • The role SAP_QAP_BW_DASHBOARDS is assigned to your user.

  • You have done the following to develop your own dashboards, or to edit the dashboards provided by SAP:

    • You have installed Xcelsius 2008 SP3 Fixpack 4.

    • You have installed SAP GUI 7.10 Patch Level 12 or SAP GUI 7.20 Patch Level 2.

  • You have done the following to configure the launchpad (transaction LPD_CUST), and to include a dashboard you have developed yourself, for example:

    • You have created a type H RFC connection (HTTP to ABAP) to the OLTP system (transaction SM59).

    • You have entered the name of the RFC connection as a system alias (transaction LPD_CUST).

    For more information about configuring the launchpad, see SAP Help Portal at   SAP NetWeaver Library   SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability   Application Platform by Key Capability   ABAP Technology   UI Technology   Launchpads  .


You use SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius to create and edit dashboards.

  • For each dashboard, several data connections of the type SAP NetWeaver BW are set up. A BEx query is assigned to each connection. The BEx queries used, which are delivered with this business function, are also the template for the queries used in the dashboard. So that performance is not compromised unneccessarily at runtime, the queries defined for the dashboard only evaluate data for a particular analytics objective.

  • The visualization layout settings are tailored to the respective analytics objective, for example data is presented as a line graph or pie chart.

You can use these dashboards with the defined BEx queries as a template, and tailor them to your enterprise-specific analytics objectives using the functions in the SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius application.