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Procedure documentationAdding Your Own Confirmation Step in a Process Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can display your own customer-specific confirmation text after a specific form scenario step in a process has been completed. You write your confirmation step text in Design Time for Processes and Forms. For example, imagine your company has a company loan process. Once an employee has completed and submitted the form to the next person in the company loan process, you provide him or her with information about the next steps.


To add your own confirmation step text, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Design Time for Processes and Forms.

  2. Open the process in which you want to add your own confirmation text.

    To do this, in the object selection area, choose Process from the dropdown list. Use the input help to locate your process.

  3. Choose   Form Scenario   Scenario Steps  . The system displays the Step-Dependent Definitions list.

  4. Select the relevant form scenario step in the Step-Dependent Definitions list.

  5. Choose the icon in the Confirmation Text column.

    An editor window appears for the selected form scenario step.

  6. Enter the text that you want the user (who is executing the process) to see, when the current form scenario step is completed.

  7. Save your entries.

    Note Note

    The text editor provides you with XML formatting. You can include, for example, hyperlinks, images, and structured lists, as well as a number of XML tags. For more information on the formatting available to you in this editor, see the SAP NetWeaver Library under   Web Dynpro ABAP   Reference   User Interface Elements   Text Category   FormattedTextView  .

    End of the note.