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The following are the other reusable objects for BOPF:

Attachment Folder

The Attachment Folder dependent object /BOBF/ATTACHMENT_FOLDER provides the capability to attach different documents along with application business object. You can upload files, create folders, and link to documents using a URL. The uploaded documents are stored in Net Weaver Content Management System. The kind of documents that can be uploaded have to be maintained by customizing attachment schemas that group attachment types. The file types that can be uploaded are maintained as a relationship between the host business object and host node with the MIME types. There are two default storage categories delivered along with theAttachment Folder:

  • DB-based storage - BS_ATF_DB

  • HTTP content server-based storage - BS_ATF

Reusable UI

The /BOFU/ATTACHMENT_FOLDER_TAB is a reusable tabbed UIBB configuration. It displays the uploaded or created documents, links, and folders. It also allows the user to upload files, URL links, and create folders. The user can also download files and view links and edit descriptions of uploaded documents.

Text Collection

The Text Collection dependent object /BOBF/TEXT_COLLECTION allows different kinds of descriptive and long texts to be maintained along with an application business object. The texts that can be added have to be maintained by customizing text schemas that group text types. The following configurations are supported.

  • Definition of text types

  • Definition of text schema

  • Assignment of text types to text schema indicating whether text is mandatory, or internal or language independent

  • Assignment of text schema to BO Nodes

Reusable UI

/BOFU/TEXT_COLLECTION_TAB is a reusable tabbed UIBB configuration for text collection. The /BOFU/TEXT_COLLECTION_TAB tabbed UIBB configuration displays and allows the user to maintain the text type, language and text content on the UI.

Change Document Adapter

The Change Document is a functionality that can be used by business applications to record transactional changes to the data of application business documents. The Change Document Adapter helps in:

  • Connecting Change Document object to an application business object.

  • Posting transactional changes to the Net Weaver Change Document System by calling the appropriate generated function of the Change Document object. The Change Document Adapter Plug-in prepares the before and after image of the application data as it is familiar with the transactional changes.

The business object /BOFU/CHANGE_DOCUMENT is meant to provide the change history data of transactional or master data business documents

Reusable UI

To display change history on the UI, two reusable tabbed UI configurations are available:

  • /BOFU/CHANGE_DOC_TAB – This displays the change history as a list with three levels. It displays the transactional changes in the first list, record level changes in the second list, and field level changes in the third list.

  • /BOFU/CHANGE_DOC_TAB_2 – This displays the change history as a single filter or a sortable list.

Data Archiving Adapter

Archiving of data means moving currently irrelevant data from primary database tables to the archive files. BOPF-based business objects can contain old data that needs to be removed from the database but not completely destroyed. Archiving engines are available for storing archive files containing archived data. FBI's Data Archiving Adapter provides an interface to enable archiving of BOPF business object data.

Status and Action Management Adapter

Status and Action Management offers a machine-readable and intuitive model that describes the sequence in which business object service operations are called. This controls the allowed process steps of the business objects for all service clients such as the user interface, process agents, and workflows. The FBI Status and Action Management adapter provides an interface between BOPF meta model data and the Status and Action Management (SAM) feature provided by Net Weaver. The /BOFU/CL_LIB_STATUS ADAPTER is the FBI Status and Action Management adapter. This adapter class provides the following features:

  • Retrieval of SAM Schema

  • Mapping between SAM runtime and BOPF runtime

Field Control

You use Field Control to control editing of records and attributes of the business document and to control enabling of actions on business document based on the life cycle state of the business document. In BOPF language, you define Field Control based on the lifecycle status of node instances in the following ways:

  • Control over update and delete of node instances

  • Control over states of individual attributes such as Read-only, Mandatory, or Enabled.

  • Control over creation of child node instance for a given parent node instance.

BRFplus Extensions for BOPF

You use BRFplus to create customized expressions along with the expression types already available for creating BRFplus-based applications using rules and functions. Using this extensibility provided by BRFplus, a customized BRFplus expression type Retrieve BOPF BO Data was created. This expression type enables the usage and display of BOPF business object data in BRFplus applications.

POWL BOPF Integration (PBI)

Any SAP application that is implemented using BOPF-based business objects can use PBI. PBI helps by rapidly building a worklist for BOPF queries. The worklist layout and interactions can be configured by extending POWL type Customizing. Traditionally Personal Object Work Lists (POWLs) needs application–specific programming in a suitable design pattern. Thus, all the applications end up implementing similar code base and managing extensibility issues with restrictive extension techniques. You use PBI to rapidly develop worklists by following some simple steps.

Code List Provider

The Code Lists based on fixed domain values and domain value tables are supported by the reuse object. It has the following attributes:

  • The Status method /BOFU/CL_C_LIST_PROV_FACTORY=>GET_CODE_LIST_PROVIDER( iv_data_element_name) returns the code list provider /BOFU/IF_CODE_LIST_PROVIDER associated with the data element. You can retrieve code values, check code values, and retrieve code descriptions using the methods of the interface /BOFU/IF_CODE_LIST_PROVIDER.

  • The Abstract Validation class /BOFU/CL_V_CODE_VALUES helps to check if a code value is valid. This class can be inherited by an application business object's specific validation class by redefining the method GET_VALIDATION_CONFIGURATION.

  • If BADI /BOFU/CODE_LIST_PROVIDER of enhancement spot /BOFU/CODE_LIST_PROVIDER is implemented, other kinds of code lists can also be implemented.


Dependent object /BOFU/ADDRESS is a wrapper over Net Weaver's address management library. Using this, the address management function can be directly integrated with the application business object without any coding.

Business Partner

Business partner is an entity that represents partners in a business that compromises of customers, vendors, and other contact persons. Business object /BOFU/BUSINESSPARTNER is a read-only wrapper over Net Weaver's business partner master data object.

Application Log

Application Log business object /BOFU/BASIS_APPLICATION_LOG is a wrapper around Basis application log. It supports both read and write of application log.

Alert Management

The business object /BOFU/ALERT is a wrapper over Net Weaver alert content.

Authorization Management Adapter

The FBI Authorization Management Adapter /BOFU/AUTH_MGMT_ADAPTER is based on the Net Weaver standard authorization concept. This supports two kinds of authorization checks:

  • Authorization at the business object level

  • Authorization at the instance level

BOPF Library Classes

The following library classes can be used with the application business objects:

  • Determination class /BOBF/CL_D_ADMIN_DATA. You use this class for initializing audit trail information or administrator data.

  • Abstract determination and validation class /BOFU/CL_LIB_SHORT_TEXT

    You use this to provide support for language dependent text nodes.

  • Abstract validation and determination class /BOFU/CL_D_DRAW_NUMBER. You use this to draw numbers from a number range and checking external numbers against a number range object.

  • BO Model Descriptor class /BOFU/CL_BOPF_CONFIG_HELPER. You use this to get the BO model information for configuration purposes.