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The system landscape service is used to identify remote systems and to store their parameters. The service is also used to determine the user credentials that are required to access this system.



You have to define the systems so that the system landscape service reflects your server environment. You enter information on the servers that CM accesses in the configuration under System Landscape Definitions (see System Landscape Definitions ).

The logon information (user credentials) that is required by the individual remote servers is defined by default in the system. The system landscape service reads and manages this information.

The CM system landscape service operates independently of the portal system landscape service.



You define the following parameters in the configuration of the system landscape service:

System Landscape Service Parameters




Cluster Installation


This parameter must be activated if you are using CM in a load-balancing environment.

Cluster Caching Timeout


If you are operating CM in a load-balancing environment, the caches are only invalidated after a specified period of time, rather than immediately. The delayed invalidation of the cache entries in a load-balancing environment can increase performance when processing requests, since a smaller amount of data has to be requested from the database. The data is now read from the caches instead. However, inconsistencies may occur in the data of the various nodes of a load-balancing cluster, for example, if one node has changed data but other nodes still contain the old status because invalidation has not yet taken place.

Presetting: 10 seconds.



In the KM standard configuration, the system landscape service is already activated.

If you are using CM in a load-balancing environment, you must switch on the Cluster Installation parameter.

To call up the configuration for the system landscape service, choose Content Management Global Services System Landscape Service.



Do not deactivate the service since it is needed for accessing remote systems.



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