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 Talent Assessment


Technical Data

Web Dynpro Application


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Available in the Composite Role From

SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0

Required Business Function

HCM_TMC_CI_1 or above

The manager can use this service to perform the following functions:

  • He or she can select an employee and the desired process to perform a talent assessment for the employee. For more information, see Talent Assessment.

  • He or she can display the development plans that the talent management specialist has created, and process them further. For more information, see Talent Development.

  • He or she can display talent assessments that he or she has performed and completed.

  • He or she can also display the performance assessments and potential assessments of his or her employees in a grid view. Thereby, he or she can also compare employees.


Depending on the actions that the manager performs in this service, the following further services are called:



Called Service

Perform talent assessment

For the desired employee, choose the link Display, Create, or Edit on the Assessment tab.

Assessment Document

Display or edit development plan

For the desired employee, choose the link Display or Edit on the Development Plan tab.

Development Plan

Compare employees

On the Calibration Grid tab, place the employees to be compared in the Compare Talents screen area and choose the Compare pushbutton.

Side-By-Side Comparison


In Customizing for Talent Management and Talent Development, you have made the settings under Calibration Grid and Talent Assessment.


For the Web Dynpro application HRTMC_TA_DASHBOARD, the application parameter ORGVIEW is stored with the value TMC_EE_DIR in this service. This parameter specifies that the organizational view TMC_EE_DIR from Customizing is used for the Object and Data Provider. In this service, this organizational view provides the manager with his or her direct reports for selection.

For more information, see Customizing for Integration with Other SAP Components and choose Start of the navigation path Business Packages / Functional Packages Next navigation step Manager Self-Service (mySAP ERP) Next navigation step Object and Data Provider Next navigation step Organizational Views Next navigation step Group Organizational Views End of the navigation path.