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 Request Utilities Connection Status Change Request Cancellation


To request the cancellation of a utilities connection status change request.

Technical Data

Entity Type

Service Operation

Software Component Version

IS-UT 606

Release State


Notes on Release State

This service operation has been released as of ECC 6.0 EhP2 (IS-U 602). A new version of this service is available as of ECC 6.0 EhP5 (IS-U 605). SAP strongly recommends using the new service operation Request Smart Meter Utilities Connection Status Change Request Cancellation, instead.

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not applicable

Change/Update Behavior

not applicable

P2P Communication Enabled


Business Context and Use

This service is an outbound service operation for the business object Utilities Connection Status Change Request that enables the exchange of messages requesting the cancellation of a disconnection request. When, for instance, a device is disconnected by mistake, the disconnection document is cancelled in the SAP for Utilities backend system. Once the disconnection document is cancelled, an outbound request message is sent from the SAP for Utilities backend system to a remote system (for example, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system) asking for cancellation of the disconnection request sent for that particular device.

Related operations

Request Utilities Connection Status Change Request


This outbound asynchronous service operation is triggered from the SAP for Utilities backend system. In the signature of the service operation, the following GDTs (Global Data Types) are provided with corresponding values:

Message Types

  • UtilitiesConnectionStatusChangeRequestCancelRequest


To trigger the outbound cancel request message, a disconnection order should be created in the SAP for Utilities backend system.


This outbound service performs a request to create a new disconnection/reconnection for a specific utilities device (for example, a smart meter). The operation is sent from the SAP system to an external system (for example, an AMI system).


In the SAP for Utilities system, a disconnection order has been incorrectly created and should either be removed or cancelled. Following this process, two requests are sent to the AMI system: a disconnection request and a cancellation request. The status of the device is checked in the AMI system. If the device is still active, the AMI system cancels the previously sent disconnection request message. If, at that point in time, the device should already be disconnected, the cancellation request is ignored. In both cases, the AMI system sends a message back to the SAP for Utilities system confirming the cancellation of that disconnection request.

The service is consumed in asynchronous interaction patterns, in conjunction with the SAP exchange infrastructure (XI) acting as a service consumption intermediary. In this case, the service consumer (AMI system) does not interact directly with the SAP for Utilities backend system. The XI itself interacts with the backend system through XI service proxies. The interaction works similarly in the other direction so the XI system mediates the entire message traffic between the SAP for Utilities and the AMI system.

Notes on SAP Implementation

B2B and A2A Related Information

The service operation is defined and implemented as an A2A service: the interaction between the service provider (SAP for Utilities) and the external system (AMI system) is completely asynchronous. The service integration model requires the following parties to be involved:

  • SAP for Utilities system Release 2005 or higher

  • SAP XI system Release 3.0 Release 7.0 or higher

  • Non-SAP (for example, AMI system) or an SAP application other than SAP for Utilities Release ERP2005 or higher


To use this service operation, the Utilities (IS-U) application component should be implemented.


The Business Add-In (BAdI) BADI_ISU_DISCON_CNL_REQU_OUT is available for this operation. The BAdI definition is found in the enhancement spot SPOT_ISU_CONNECTION_IN. You can use this BAdI to create a customer-specific logic for the outbound mapping of application data. The implementations are sorted according to the field layer of a BAdI implementation, for example, SAP standard, partner, or customer.

Switch Framework

The Utilities business function set must be activated.