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 Change Based on Smart Meter Connection Status Change Request Create Confirmation


To receive a confirmation about the creation of a smart meter utilities connection status change request.

Technical Data

Entity Type

Service Operation

Software Component Version

IS-UT 606

Release State


Technical Name



Application Component


Web Service Definition (Back End)









not applicable

Change/Update Behavior

not applicable

P2P Communication Enabled


Business Context and Use

This inbound service operation is used to receive a confirmation from a Meter Data Unification and Synchronization System (MDUS) about a disconnection or reconnection request. These requests are used to handle the disconnection or reconnection of an AMI device and the corresponding utility installation.

Within this inbound service operation, a disconnection or reconnection is actually performed by the MDUS. As a result, a confirmation message is sent from the MDUS to SAP for Utilities. Within SAP for Utilities, the result of the original disconnection or reconnection request is updated with the status of the corresponding AMI device and the date/time of disconnection or reconnection within a disconnection document. The prerequisite for this service operation is that a remote disconnection or reconnection was triggered to the external system (MDUS) for an AMI device.

Disconnection or reconnection results cannot be entered manually for AMI devices (smart meters). However, if meter readings are also required, a corresponding meter reading document also has to be created and sent to the MDUS in follow-up processes.

After this service operation is executed, the confirmation status for the disconnection or reconnection is changed.

If the confirmation is positive, the request status is:

  • Remote Disconnection Confirmed

  • Remote Disconnection Executed

  • Remote Reconnection Confirmed

  • Remote Reconnection Executed

If the confirmation is negative, the request status is:

  • Remote Disconnection Failed

  • Remote Reconnection Failed


  • The inbound service operation Change Based on Smart Meter Connection Status Change Request Create Confirmation is used to confirm the new disconnection/reconnection of a specific smart meter. The operation is sent from an external system back into the SAP system.

  • This service operation is used by SAP for Utilities, transaction EC87 ‘Display Disconnection Document’, to confirm the status of a Utilities AMI device (smart meter). To trigger the operation, the device must be an AMI device and the user has to request a cancellation of a remote disconnection or reconnection. The operation is confirmed by the MDUS (an external system).

  • The MDUS sends a confirmation of a disconnection/reconnection of a specific smart meter.

  • The Change Based on Smart Meter Connection Status Change Request Create Confirmation operation updates the status of the smart meter.

Error Handling

Forward Error Handling

The Change Based on Smart Meter Connection Status Change Request Create Confirmation operation supports Forward Error Handling (FEH). The following error categories are used:

  • PRE.AUE : Authorization Error

  • PRE.TEE.LRE : Lock request Error

  • PRE.IDE :Identification Error

  • PRE : Processing Error

For more information about the individual error categories, see the code list for the global data type LogItemCategoryCode.

Message Types

  • Smart Meter Utilities Connection Status Change Request ERP Create Confirmation

Notes on SAP Implementation

To use this service operation, the application component Utilities (IS-U) should be implemented and the Utilities business function set must be activated.


The ISU_SE_CONNSTSREQSMCRTRCO_ASYN Business Add-In (BAdI) is available for this operation. This BAdI definition is found in the enhancement spot: ISU_SPOT_SE_CONNSTSREQ. You can use this BAdI to create a customer-specific logic for the outbound mapping of application data. The implementations are sorted according to the field layer of a BAdI implementation, for example, SAP standard, partner, or customer.