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 Utilities Event Processing


Utilities event processing covers process event handling in the utilities sector.

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Business Context and Use

The Utilities Event Processing process component is used to receive events sent by a smart meter. Such events can indicate, for example, that one of the following has occurred:

  • An error in transferring meter results from the smart meter

  • A malfunction during a smart meter self test

  • A validation error

  • A meter change is required

  • A concentrator error

  • A tamper event

  • A meter reading outside of the predefined range

  • An overvoltage or undervoltage

SAP for Utilities analyzes and stores the events received. Based on the type of event, the system automatically triggers actions, which can include the following:

  • Creation of a workforce order

  • Creation of a notification

  • Creation of a customer contact (and customer interaction record)

  • Notification of a user

  • Creation of a case in Business Process Exception Management (BPEM)

Notes on SAP Implementation

To use the service operations found in the Utilities Event Processing process component, you must implement the SAP for Utilities (IS-U) application component.