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Background documentationSAP for Utilities Enterprise Services Documentation (EN only)


Enterprise services are web services defined by SAP that enable companies to implement and adapt automated business processes with unprecedented speed and ease. They can also be used to break processes into smaller process steps to create reusable enterprise services that can easily be adapted to changing business needs.

The documentation that follows describes the enterprise services that are available to you in SAP for Utilities. This documentation provides technical descriptions of specific enterprise service objects and is divided into bundles in the following schema:

  1. Process Component

  2. Business Object

  3. Service Interface

  4. Enterprise Service Operation.

Enterprise service bundles provide an ideal starting point to explore the impact of service-oriented architecture (SOA) on your business processes. They create a comprehensive portfolio of business scenario descriptions that are SOA-enabled by solutions and enterprise services currently shipped by SAP. Enterprise service bundles documentation provides you with information about the impact of SOA on your business processes without requiring detailed knowledge of SAP solutions or technology. Each enterprise service bundle refers to a set of enterprise services that support a particular business process and are made available as part of the SAP Enhancement Packages for SAP Business Suite solutions.

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To search for information about specific enterprise service fields, you can use the Utilities data type catalog at published on SAP site (Start of the navigation path Next navigation step SAP for Utilities Next navigation step SAP for Utilities - Product Information Next navigation step IS-U/CCS General Cookbook&Guidelines Next navigation step Utilities Data Type Catalog End of the navigation path).

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Specific use cases for service operations in the SAP for Utilities area can be found in the following enterprise service WIKIs (registration required):

For general information about the installation and prerequisites for using enterprise services, see the following information sources:

  • SCN Community in the SAP Network at published on SAP site (registration required)

  • SAP Note 1359215: Technical prerequisites for using enterprise services (relevant for ERP only)