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 Utilities Point Of Delivery


A Utilities Point Of Delivery is a virtual location at which market participants in the Utilities sector communicate data and offer services, including grid usage, supply of energy, settlement, metering services, and so on.

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Business Object

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Master Data Object

Business Context and Use

The Utilities Point Of Delivery can be either a point of energy consumption (for example, a residential household, or factory), a feeding point for electricity or gas (for example, a power plant, windmill, or biogas plant) or an abstract location without any physical representation.

The Utilities Point Of Delivery may have an external identification assigned by a party (for example, according to metering code) and can be used as a common means of identification in communication between market roles in liberalized utilities markets. For more information about the business context, see the Utilities Point Of Delivery Management process component.

Notes on SAP Implementation

All service interfaces of this business object can only be used if the business function set Utilities is activated.