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Procedure documentation Analyzing ABAP Runtime Problems  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


An error in an ABAP program that is running in a background generally causes an immediate termination of the background job. The only exception to this rule is if the error was output by a function module called in the program and the program has been instructed to handle the error as an exception. In this case, control returns to the ABAP program, which can attempt to correct the error and continue.

A background job is terminated, if, for example, the program does not correct the error or a division by zero takes place.

If an ABAP program terminates, an ABAP dump is usually generated. This dump contains a description of the precise cause of the error.


  1. To call an analysis method, choose Tools ABAP Workbench Test Dump-Analysis from the SAP Easy Access menu.
  2. In the initial screen, you must specify whether you want to view today’s dump or the dump from yesterday. If these selection criteria are too imprecise, you can enter more specific criteria. To do this, choose Goto Select Short Dump
  3. You can display a list of all ABAP dumps by choosing Edit Display List. You can then display and analyze a selected dump. To do this, choose Short Dump Dump Analysis. For more information, see "Dump Analysis" in ABAP Workbench Tools.






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