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 Sales and Distribution (SD)


The Sales and Distribution (SD) component covers the most important laws and business practices specific to Brazil. The following documentation describes these aspects of the component. For generic information about SD, see Sales and Distribution (SD) .


Country-Specific Functions

Country Version Brazil enables you to handle sales transactions so that they are taxed and documented according to Brazilian requirements.

The system automatically transfers all relevant taxes and generates a nota fiscal from the Brazilian future-delivery process, as well as from the following SD standard business processes:

  • Creation of a sales order in Billing (SD-BIL)

  • Consignment

  • Third-party order processing

  • Returns and cancellations

  • Returnable packaging

  • Batches

  • Retroactive billing

Additional fields have been added to the customer master record to store data specific to Brazil, and one-time customers are also supported.

Country Template

The country template for Brazil comes with sample pricing procedures and all SD tax codes required by them.