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Update Authorization Defaults for Tile CatalogsLocate this document in the navigation structure

When a catalog is changed in the launchpad designer, you need to update the authorizations maintained in the PFCG role to which the catalog is assigned.


When applications are added to or removed from a catalog in the launchpad designer, the set of authorizations required for launchpad users to run the applications might change. The system can automatically retrieve the delta between applications in a launchpad catalog and applications in the PFCG role menu.

You use program PRGN_COMPARE_ROLE_MENU for a mass comparison of roles. To check and, if neccessary, update the status of a single catalog, you directly open the Details dialog box for a catalog in the PFCG role menu. In the latter case, you skip step 1 to 6 in the following procedure.


  1. Launch the program PRGN_COMPARE_ROLE_MENU.
  2. (Optional) You can restrict your search by providing a role name in the Role field.
  3. In the Node Type field, select SAP Fiori Tile Catalog.
  4. Choose a display mode:
    • Overview: Displays a status for the relevant role or roles indicating whether an update is required or not.
    • Detail: Displays a list of all the applications included in the catalogs that are assigned to the selected role. The Comparison column indicates whether an application was deleted, added or not changed.
  5. Choose Execute.
  6. Depending on the selected display mode, proceed as follows:
    • If you selected the Overview view, doubleclick on a role that has status To be adjusted.
    • If you selected the Details view, doubleclick on a table row which does not have status unchanged in the Comparison column.

    The Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG) is launched.

  7. Make sure you are in edit mode.
  8. In the Role Menu tree, select a tile catalog.
  9. In the the context menu, choose Details.

    The Assign Tile Catalog dialog box appears. The Applications in Catalog section displays the applications that are currently used in the catalog. The Comparison column indicates whether authorizations required for these applications need to be added or deleted from the role you selected.

  10. To allow the suggested changes, choose Continue.

    The authorizations are updated in the PFCG role menu.

  11. On the Authorizations tab, update the authorization data and regenerate profiles.