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High-Contrast Black (HCB) Theme for SAPUI5 ControlsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The High-Contrast Black (HCB) theme for SAPUI5 controls is a predefined theme that supports people with visual impairments and is required by the Accessibility product standard. The theme can be switched on by adding a dedicated URL parameter.

SAPUI5 library support
Currently, the following libraries support the High-Contrast Black theme:
  • sap.m


  • sap.ui.commons

  • sap.ui.comp

  • sap.ui.layout

  • sap.ui.suite

  • sap.ui.table

  • sap.ui.unified

  • sap.ui.ux3

  • sap.viz

Switching on the HCB theme
You can switch on the High-Contrast Black theme by appending the sap-ui-theme=sap_hcb URL parameter as in the example below.
Example HCB Theme Enablement