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The object page header display is determined by the following vocabularies:
  • determines the object title.

  • determines the subtitle.

  • determines the image; the image shape is fixed as a circle.

  • is taken as the text for the link that navigates back to the list report.

Main Elements
The figure below shows how to set up the following basic elements for your object page header in your annotations:

Label in Figure



Title (Object Type)


Image of the object instance


Language-dependent product text in SAP back-end system


Product title in SAP back-end system

Figure 1: Object Page Header
Sample Code

The following sample code is a selectable version of the code above for setting up the main elements in the object page header.

<Annotation Term="UI.HeaderInfo">
		<PropertyValue Property="TypeName" String="Product"/>
		<PropertyValue Property="TypeNamePlural" String="Products"/>
		<PropertyValue Property="ImageUrl" Path="ProductPictureURL"/>
		<PropertyValue Property="Title"
			<Record Type="UI.DataField">
				<PropertyValue Property="Value" Path="to_ProductTextInCurrentLang/Name"/>
		PropertyValue Property="Description">
			<Record Type="UI.DataField">
				<PropertyValue Property="Value" Path="Product"/>